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Falcons - BOOM predictions and free betting tips [16/05/2024]

Dota 2 - PGL Wallachia

PGL Wallachia 2024: Season 1. Playoffs. Upper bracket. The third match of the game day and, in my opinion, the most obvious encounter of the day, if not the entire playoffs. The clear favourite will face the team that caused an upset in the first round of the playoffs. A team from the Middle East will clash with a team from South America. Team Falcons will take on BOOM Esports.

Team Falcons

The team from the Middle East unsurprisingly finished with a 3-0 record. Before the tournament, it was understood that this team would likely enter the playoffs without a single loss. The only thing that could have hindered Team Falcons from finishing the group stage with a 3-0 record would have been a tough draw. However, their first two opponents, Heroic and nouns, were not particularly challenging. In the match that decided their playoff spot, Team Falcons faced Gaimin Gladiators, the toughest opponent in their group stage, but they managed to win 2-1.

As a result, Team Falcons progressed to the playoffs from the top spot and now sit at the top of the upper bracket in the playoffs, the so-called queen of this part of the playoffs. Currently, there are doubts whether anyone can stop this Middle Eastern team, which has already won three out of four possible titles this year. In the first round, as a team that confidently cleared the first stage of the tournament, they faced the weakest opponent, BOOM Esports, who made a sensational entry into the playoffs.

BOOM Esports

What can be said about this team, other than that they are the true sensation of the PGL Wallachia 2024: Season 1? It was hard to imagine this team in the playoffs just a week ago. I actually predicted this team to go 0-3, but they ended up making it to the playoffs with a 3-2 record. BOOM Esports had a very interesting journey in this tournament. They lost their first match to Xtreme Gaming 0-2, which was quite predictable. Yet, they went on to win against Heroic 2-0 and Team Secret 2-1. This put the South American team just one match away from the playoffs.

However, they lost to Gaimin Gladiators 1-2, putting their record at 2-2. In the decisive match of the group stage, BOOM Esports faced Shopify Rebellion. Everything seemed to favour the North American team, but the South Americans came out on top with a 2-1 win, securing their spot in the playoffs where they would face Team Falcons in the first match. It seems they have even fewer chances here.


Team Falcons and BOOM Esports have not faced each other previously.


According to BetCity, the favourite for this match is undoubtedly Team Falcons, with odds of 1.13 for the Middle Eastern team's victory. Meanwhile, the odds for a BOOM Esports win stand at 5.90. It’s pretty clear-cut, so we’re looking for higher odds here, specifically Handicap1 (-1.5) with odds of 1.56. I believe Team Falcons could win this match with a clean sweep.


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