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Tundra - OG predictions and free betting tips [11/01/2024]

Dota 2 - BB Dacha West Europe Qualifier

BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024. Closed qualifiers. Upper Bracket. Opening match of the entire qualifier for Western Europe and straight off the bat, the top dispatch, new line-up Tundra Esports, which convened right before the qualifier, will be tested by OG, who are currently a solid mid-tier team in the region.

Tundra Esports

Certainly, the saga of The International 2022 victor is fascinating. After losing its entire squad post International 2023, they endeavoured for some innovation. Initially, they signed the cast of TSM, who departed from their own organisation – or more accurately, the organisation released the squad. But in ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023, they could only penetrate the lower bracket and from there in the first round, they got knocked out by BetBoom Team. Following that, the roster was completely disbanded. The next move? Assembling a new squad in Western Europe and it turned out pretty solid. Ivan Pure~ Moskalyenko, Topias Topson Taavitsainen, Ivan MinD_ContRoL Borislavov, Edgar 9Class Naltakyan, and Matthew Whitemon Filmon appear as the contenders for the region's top-1, at least for these qualifiers. With the ease with which they surpassed the open qualifiers, they are expected to only reinforce this confidence in the squad. Yet, they still have to compete and here come possible first round problems. However, they are still the obvious favourites of these qualifiers.


Yet again, the two-time victors of The International tried to compile a formidable squad to compete in the qualifiers, aiming to land on LAN-tournaments. Presently, OG is a mix of the old squad members and players that have proven their worth in other collectives, albeit not of the very top level. So far, the team hasn't managed to meet expectations. In the first and only qualifier of this season, they failed to qualify for the tournament, losing to Team Secret in the lower bracket semi-finals, which frankly, isn't a terrible outcome for a roster that had just assembled at that moment. The current level of the team in the new patch remains unclear. Since the end of October, nobody has seen them in action and IG could show up in any form now. Especially considering that they have someone like Sébastien Ceb Debs, maybe not currently the most skilled player, but his experience is beyond enormous and creating something interesting in the new patch is entirely within his capabilities. Hence, from OG we expect some intriguing strategies. As in the area of personal skill, they seem to lag behind the newly formed team.


Tundra Esports and OG clashed a total of 26 times. Out of these matches, Tundra Esports claimed 16, while OG secured just eight victories. Two matches ended in a draw. Obviously, in their new line-ups, the teams have not yet met, nor have they met during this season.


Here, I would suggest opting for Tundra's victory. They seem more promising; at least their squad gives the impression that they should almost steamroll through these qualifiers.


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