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Starbet is a top betting platform for sports enthusiasts in Nigeria, offering a vast array of sporting events, competitive odds, and a user-friendly interface. In a country where sports betting has become a beloved pastime for many, Starbet thrives by ensuring users a secure and enjoyable betting experience.

With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, it delivers seamless navigation, various betting options, and efficient customer service. This comprehensive approach cements Starbet's position as a leading choice for Nigerian bettors, contributing to the nation's burgeoning sports betting industry.

What We Like About StarBet

  1. Cutting-Edge Technology: StarBet Sportsbook utilises advanced technology to ensure a smooth and secure betting experience, safeguarding users' personal and financial information.
  2. User-friendly Interface: the platform boasts a straightforward, intuitive interface that allows users, even those unfamiliar with online betting, to navigate quickly and confidently place bets.
  3. Extensive Betting Options: Offering a wide array of sports and events to bet on, StarBet Sportsbook caters to a diverse audience, ensuring bettors have multiple options and can find the best bets.
  4. Real-Time Odds: The platform provides real-time odds, ensuring bettors have the most current and relevant information to inform their betting decisions.
  5. Exceptional Customer Support: StarBet Sportsbook offers comprehensive customer support, ensuring that users' issues or questions are addressed promptly and effectively.

What We Don’t Like About StarBet

  1. Limited Promotions: One potential downside is the limited range of promotions and bonuses available to users, which may not be as extensive as other betting platforms.
  2. Geographical Restrictions: Despite its popularity in Nigeria, Starbet may have geographical restrictions that limit its accessibility to bettors outside the country, which could be a drawback for international users.

StarBet Licencing

Starbet proudly operates under the esteemed oversight of the Lagos State regulatory bodies, holding the license number SB150523, issued to Starlight Ace Verde Gaming Limited.

This licensing reassures users of the platform's legitimacy and commitment to upholding the standards and regulations outlined by the governing authorities in Nigeria.

The adherence to these guidelines ensures that bettors can enjoy a fair, transparent, and secure betting environment, reinforcing the trust and confidence users place in Starbet as a leading sports betting platform in the region.

Operating within the bounds of this license, Starbet prioritises the needs and safety of its vast customer base, delivering a comprehensive and compliant betting experience for all involved.

StarBet Registration Guide

Navigating the registration process on Starbet is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring new users can quickly join and start betting. Below is the step-by-step guide for the registration process:

Step 1:

  1. Mobile Number: Start the registration by entering your phone number. Ensure to include the country code "+234" followed by your unique number, for example, 8067594321.
  2. Confirm that you are over 18 and agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy by checking the box provided.
  3. Click the "Proceed" button to move to the next step. If you are already registered, you can log in instead.

Step 2:

  1. First Name: Enter your first name as it appears on your bank account to ensure seamless transactions.
  2. Last Name: Provide your surname as listed on your bank account.
  3. Email (Optional): Inputting your email address, for example, [email protected], allows Starbet to serve you better by sending important notifications and updates.
  4. PromoCode (Optional): If you have a promotional code, for example, XSDRTBDF, enter it here to enjoy any available bonuses or offers.
  5. Affiliate Code (Optional): Input the affiliate code, for example, XSDRTBDF, if available.
  6. State of Residence: Select your residence from the dropdown menu, for example, Abia.
  7. If registered, you can log in instead.

Step 3:

After completing the details above, click the "Complete Registration" button to finalise your registration.

This will create your Starbet account, allowing you to delve into the exciting world of sports betting on a platform that is not only secure and reliable but also committed to providing the best betting experience for its users.

StarBet Account Creating and Management Policy

You at this moment acknowledge and consent to the Operator (Starbet) processing your data to allow you access and use of the Website and provision of ancillary services.

Compliance with Data Protection Laws:

Bound by the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation 2019 and related laws, the Operator is committed to protecting your personal information, ensuring the processing aligns with the applicable laws and best business practices.

Use and Processing of Personal Data:

Your data will be utilized to enable the use of services provided on the Website, including carrying out verification procedures related to the use of these services. It will not be disclosed to third parties, barring necessary situations such as effecting transactions on your account, verification, or legal requirements.

Disclosure and Storage:

You consent to the disclosure of your personal data to business partners, suppliers, or service providers responsible for the overall functioning of the Website. Your data (including transaction data) may be held and stored even after the closure or termination of your Operator account.

Access and Modification:

You can access information about your account balance, gaming history, deposits, withdrawals, and other transaction data on the Website. Ensure to inform the Operator of any changes to your information promptly.

International Data Transfer:

You consent to the potential international transfer of your data to provide an efficient service. The Operator may liaise with credit rating, fraud detection, anti-money laundering, and financial crime agencies, who may record your information.

Publication and Cookies:

The Operator may publish details about specific winnings, including the username and the amount won. The Operator uses cookies to enhance your website experience. You can turn off the collection of cookies, understanding this may restrict your use of the Website.

Communication and Restrictions:

You consent to the Operator informing you about changes, new services, and promotions, with an option to opt-out or back in. The Operator reserves the right to restrict access for breach of terms or suspected fraudulent or unlawful actions, reporting such actions to competent authorities.

By using the Website and its services, you signify your understanding and agreement to adhere to this Privacy Policy, ensuring your interactions remain within the bounds of these provisions.

Deposits and Withdrawals on Your StarBet Account

Starbet Payment Methods

At Starbet, an array of convenient and secure payment methods ensures that users can effortlessly fund their accounts and withdraw winnings.

Understanding the diverse preferences of its user base, Starbet incorporates multiple payment platforms, including Flutterwave, Paystack, and OPay, to offer a seamless financial transaction experience. Below are insights into these payment methods:


Flutterwave stands as a highly esteemed payment solution in the African market. It offers users a range of payment types, including card payments, bank transfers, and mobile money.

At Starbet, users opting for Flutterwave can rest assured of a secure and smooth transaction process. Integrating this payment system on the Starbet platform reflects a commitment to providing users with globally recognised and trusted payment solutions. Flutterwave’s robust security protocols further bolster the safeguarding of users' financial details during transactions, reinforcing a secure betting environment on Starbet.


Another notable payment method available on Starbet is Paystack, a widely used payment gateway in Nigeria and across Africa. Paystack provides users a straightforward and fast transaction process, allowing instant deposits and timely withdrawals.

Its user-friendly interface and secure infrastructure enhance the overall transaction experience for Starbet users. The integration of Paystack assures users of reliable and convenient financial transactions, contributing to the holistic and efficient betting experience on the Starbet platform.


Embracing innovation and efficiency, Starbet also incorporates OPay as a payment method. OPay is renowned for its mobile-based platform that facilitates swift and secure transactions. Starbet users who prefer utilising mobile payment solutions will find OPay to be a suitable and reliable option.

It allows users to manage their transactions conveniently from their mobile devices, ensuring uninterrupted betting activities on Starbet. The inclusion of OPay underscores Starbet’s dedication to embracing diverse payment solutions to cater to the varied needs of its extensive user base.

In conclusion, incorporating these reputable payment methods underlines Starbet's commitment to offering a seamless, secure, and diverse transaction experience for its users, ensuring that every user finds a payment solution that aligns with their preferences and needs.

Starbet Deposit Policy

1. Depositing Funds:

1.1. To engage in real-money bets via Starbet services, depositing funds into your account is a necessity. Detailed information required for deposits is available on the “Deposit” page on the website.

1.2. Deposits should originate from your bank account. This policy aids in deeper checks, especially during withdrawals, ensuring the names match on both the deposit and the account.

1.3. Different deposit types may attract charges, with potential additional fees from your bank for wire transfers and other payment methods.

1.4. For deposits cumulating to or exceeding ₦300,000.00, Starbet, adhering to regulatory standards, may execute additional verification procedures.

1.5. Deposits should be from the customer’s bank account to ensure transparency and compliance with anti-money laundering and terrorist financing policies.

1.6. Deposits made from a different account or e-wallet may be returned, with possible transfer charges applied.

1.7. Funds deposited are solely for playing games. Withdrawal requests without winnings may incur a fee.

1.8. Starbet does not provide credit or interest as it is not a financial institution.

2. Exceptional Occurrence:

2.1. In situations of uncertainty about the reliability of betting outcomes from official sources, Starbet may defer confirmation of results for up to three working days, publishing this delay on its website.

2.2. Disputed betting outcomes may see deferrals in disbursement until the examination of opposition or complaint.

2.3. Cancellation or change in betting event results, due to various factors such as disqualification or amendments, will uphold the original published result as valid.

2.4. Bets placed under mistakes identified by Starbet will be cancelled. Mistakes include but are not limited to, erroneous setting of betting odds, technical errors, or bets accepted on a market that should have been suspended.

2.5. Starbet reserves the right to withhold payment and declare bets void if integrity issues, price or pool manipulation, or match rigging is suspected. These decisions may rely on bet size, volume, or pattern, with the relevant sport's governing body's decision being conclusive.

In any situation where a customer owes money to Starbet for any reason, this will be considered before making any payments to that customer. The abovementioned policies reinforce Starbet’s commitment to maintaining a transparent, secure, and fair betting environment for all its users.

Let's take a closer look at StarBet.

Take a closer look at Starbet, a prominent sportsbook in the betting industry, dedicated to providing exceptional betting services to its users. With a legitimate operating license from Lagos State under license SB150523, the platform ensures a secure and fair betting environment.

The sportsbook offers a seamless registration process and an array of payment methods, including Flutterwave, Paystack, and OPay, ensuring convenience and flexibility for its users. Moreover, Starbet values the privacy and security of its users’ data, adhering to the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation 2019 and other relevant laws.

Despite its commitment to delivering quality services, the platform still continually seeks to enhance the user experience, solidifying its position as a reliable and user-friendly sportsbook.

StarBet Sportsbook

At Starbet, sports enthusiasts will find a wide array of sports to bet on. From Soccer, Basketball, and Tennis to Table Tennis, Cricket, and Ice Hockey, the sportsbook covers a comprehensive range of sports options to cater to the diverse preferences of its users. But that’s not all; fans of Baseball, Handball, Rugby, Volleyball, and American Football are also in for a treat with ample betting opportunities available at their fingertips.

Starbet extends its sportsbook offerings by including a variety of countries and leagues, ensuring global coverage that includes both major and minor leagues.

You can explore betting options in the Simulated Reality League, or place your bets on games in countries ranging from England and Spain to Germany, Italy, France, and Portugal. Starbet’s extensive country list goes beyond the typical choices, featuring games from countries like Albania, Argentina, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, and many more, ensuring that fans have access to a worldwide selection of sports betting options.

The inclusion of countries like the Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates adds to the global allure of the sportsbook, offering unique and diverse betting opportunities for all users.

The comprehensive sportsbook offerings from Starbet showcase the platform’s dedication to providing a rich and diverse betting experience, ensuring all fans can find something that suits their preferences and enhances their betting adventure.

StarBet Soccer Betting

Elevate your football betting experience with StarBet, a cutting-edge online sportsbook that offers unparalleled opportunities to bet on an extensive range of professional football leagues worldwide. Whether you are a dedicated football enthusiast or take pleasure in dissecting every match, StarBet stands as a comprehensive source for the latest football updates, expert tips, and astute predictions.

Place Bets on the World's Foremost Football Leagues

Immerse yourself in the heart of football excitement with StarBet. If the English Premier League captures your sports passion, you’re in the right place. Whether your loyalty is with the dynamic force of Manchester United or the tactical brilliance of Chelsea, StarBet presents an array of betting options to harness your knowledge and instincts.

Plunge into competitive odds for iconic teams like Arsenal, Liverpool, and Tottenham Hotspur with StarBet, and grab the chance to substantially increase your earnings.

StarBet Basketball Betting

Despite its deep roots and overwhelming popularity in the USA, basketball has indeed established a global footprint. Recognizing this worldwide appeal, StarBet presents a thorough lineup for basketball aficionados, encompassing leagues from various global arenas. Let's delve into the specifics:


The NBA, standing tall as the zenith of global basketball leagues, naturally claims a significant segment of markets on StarBet, demonstrating its commitment to American basketball. This expansive coverage extensively spans not only the NBA but also the WNBA, along with prestigious college basketball events such as the NCAA.


While only three markets are explicitly listed under this category, the "International" sector on StarBet potentially envelops major global tournaments, including the FIBA World Cup and Olympic basketball, alongside diverse continental championships.

European Leagues

Europe's rich basketball tradition is not left unnoticed, with StarBet assuring coverage of some of its most renowned leagues, thereby honouring the continent’s fervent basketball following.

This multifaceted availability of basketball markets on StarBet highlights the platform’s commitment to embracing the universal essence of the sport. Regardless of your preference – be it a robust enthusiasm for the NBA or a fondness for European basketball – StarBet ensures your requirements are aptly fulfilled, marking itself as a premier hub for basketball betting enthusiasts.

StarBet Tennis Betting

Tennis has enraptured a wide global audience, skillfully blending agility, strategy, and stamina into a captivating spectacle. StarBet solidifies its devotion to the sport by offering a substantial array of tennis categories, catering to fans of various levels. Let's explore the multifaceted offerings available:


Sitting at the pinnacle of men's professional tennis, StarBet’s selections include a sweeping array of noteworthy tournaments, spanning the esteemed Grand Slams, Masters 1000, and beyond, offering tennis enthusiasts a front-row seat to top-tier men's tennis action.


Emphasizing the Women's Tennis Association or WTA, StarBet comprehensively covers significant global women’s tournaments, ranging from the renowned Grand Slams to Premier events and beyond, ensuring that women's tennis holds a prominent place on their platform.


StarBet's emphasis on the Challenger category underscores its dedication to supporting the grassroots level of tennis. The ATP Challenger Tour, prominently featured on the platform, provides a launchpad for up-and-coming players eager to climb the ATP ladder.

WTA 125K

These intermediate-level professional women’s tennis tournaments, nestled between the WTA Tour and the ITF Women’s Circuit, receive ample coverage on StarBet. This attention guarantees that this tier's enthusiasts also have abundant engagement and betting opportunities.

ITF Men & Women

StarBet's thorough coverage extends to the ITF circuits, symbolizing the dawn of professional tennis where burgeoning talents compete to enhance rankings and breakthrough to the main circuits, ensuring the spotlight also shines on emerging stars.

In essence, StarBet’s exhaustive tennis coverage, spanning from the esteemed ATP and WTA tours to the foundational Challenger and ITF circuits, exemplifies its unwavering commitment to proffering an unparalleled tennis betting experience. Tennis connoisseurs will uncover an all-encompassing and gratifying array of options on StarBet, ensuring every serve, volley, and match point holds a special place in the betting world.

StarBet Live Betting

Elevate the thrill of sports betting with StarBet’s live betting platform. Immerse yourself in the very core of sports action, witnessing real-time developments and making instantaneous decisions based on the unfolding gameplay. As odds and opportunities consistently update, bettors have the chance to capitalize on every significant moment, further intensifying the betting experience.

Be at the heart of every critical goal, game-changing three-pointer, or gripping tennis tiebreak with StarBet. The platform's intuitively designed interface, paired with timely and detailed statistics, ensures even those new to live betting can effortlessly navigate the vibrant world of real-time wagering, making informed bets as the action unfolds.

Yet, it's the extensive and inclusive coverage that sets StarBet’s live betting apart. The platform boasts a broad spectrum of sports and events, guaranteeing sustained engagement for all bettors. Whether it's premier league matches or lesser-known local games, StarBet’s varied offerings guarantee that every betting enthusiast can find an event that aligns with their preferences and passions.

Additionally, StarBet ensures a seamless and engaging betting journey with quick bet settlements and uninterrupted live-streaming options. This all-encompassing approach guarantees every second of every game is charged with anticipation and exhilaration, keeping enthusiasts perpetually on the edge of their seats. With StarBet, immerse yourself in a world where every game matters and every moment is an opportunity.

StarBet Virtual Sports Betting

At StarBet, the virtual soccer leagues bring the excitement and anticipation of real-world football into a convenient and always-accessible online format. Here's a closer look at the offerings:

England League

Revel in the thrill of English football with StarBet’s virtual England League. Experience the adrenaline of every goal, tackle, and victory in a simulated environment that captures the essence of real-world matches. Here, you can place bets and potentially garner winnings based on the virtual performance of your favourite English teams.

Spain League

The virtual Spain League on StarBet allows fans of Spanish football to continue enjoying the sport, even off-season. This virtual league offers simulated matches, giving fans numerous opportunities to place bets based on the predicted outcomes of these events. It's a continuous celebration of Spanish football, accessible at any time.

Italy League

Italian football enthusiasts can relish in the virtual Italy League on StarBet, engaging in the enthusiasm of Italy’s most beloved sport without leaving the comfort of their homes. Simulated matches mimic real-world events, allowing bettors to make informed decisions and stay engaged with Italian football year-round.

Champs League

For those who live for the intensity of international competition, the virtual Champs League on StarBet delivers. This simulated environment brings together top teams for elite competition, allowing bettors to place bets on high-stakes matches and feel the global excitement of football.


Diverging from soccer, StarBet's Color-Color is a unique betting opportunity where outcomes are based on the colour of balls drawn randomly. It’s a fun and different way to bet, offering a break from traditional sports betting with its fresh and straightforward approach.

StarBet's virtual soccer leagues and other virtual betting options like Color-Color provide continuous entertainment and betting opportunities, ensuring that enthusiasts always have exciting avenues to explore, bet on, and potentially win big.

Starbet CashOut

Availability Online and In-Store:

StarBet's Cash Out offer stands as a boon for bettors, affording the flexibility to settle bets before the event's conclusion. The cash-out amount is dynamically calculated based on current odds and is subject to fluctuation.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Exclusion for Freebets:

The Cash Out feature does not apply to bets placed as Freebets.

  • Right to Modify or Withdraw:

StarBet holds the authority to retract or suspend Cash Out offers at any time, without prior notification.

  • Applicability:

Cash Out is available exclusively for single and multi-bets, with system bets excluded from this functionality.

  • No Guaranteed Availability:

Cash Out offers for specific events or betting types, even previously available, are not always assured.

  • Non-Count Towards Wagering Restrictions:

A Cash-Out selection does not contribute to wagering restrictions when a bet is placed using bonuses.

  • Potential Blocking:

Cash Out might be obstructed if a bet is frozen or closed immediately after the customer's request before the Cash Out conclusion.

  • Change in Cash Out Value:

In case the Cash Out value alters post the customer’s request and before the Cash Out conclusion, it will be blocked unless the customer has opted for 'accept all payout values' in their settings.

  • Non-Liability:

StarBet bears no responsibility for unavailable Cash Out due to technical or other issues. It’s advised not to base bets on the assumption of later cash-out availability.

  • Right to Void Cash Out:

StarBet reserves the discretion to void a Cash Out if it is accepted after determining the bet’s result. Instances of apparent abuse of the Cash Out feature will also lead to voiding and possible reclamation of the amount.

Prioritising transparency and fairness, these guidelines ensure that StarBet's Cash Out offer operates seamlessly, maintaining the platform's integrity and the satisfaction of its esteemed patrons.

StarBet Casino

Immerse yourself in a world where every game is a chance to win, and every moment is filled with excitement and opportunity. Welcome to the StarBet Casino, where the thrill of the casino comes alive online, bringing you closer to the action and winnings from the comfort of your home or on the go.

Starbet Casino Game Categories

Slots (1089)

Dive into the extensive collection of slot games, with 1089 options, ensuring you always have a variety of games to enjoy.

Instant Games (30)

For quick and engaging fun, explore the 30 instant games available, providing swift gaming experiences and quick wins.

Virtuals (11)

Engage with 11 diverse virtual sports games, bringing you non-stop virtual action and betting opportunities.

All Games (1147)

Explore the massive library of 1147 games available on StarBet, offering every player a comprehensive gaming and betting experience.

In every category, from the most popular games to all providers, StarBet Casino ensures a premium, diverse, and exciting online casino experience packed with opportunities for fun and winnings. Your adventure in online gaming and betting starts and continues here at StarBet Casino.

Starbet Casino Providers

StarBet Casino Game Providers

At StarBet Casino, diversity and quality reign supreme. The platform proudly collaborates with some of the industry's most prestigious and innovative game providers to bring players an extensive, varied, and high-quality gaming experience. Here’s a closer look at the stellar list of providers whose games grace the platform of StarBet Casino:

1. Spribe

A modern provider offering innovative and engaging gaming products that enhance the gaming experience for players.

2. Evolution

Known globally for its outstanding live casino and table game offerings, it directly brings the real casino experience to your screen.

3. Onlyplay

Masters in delivering instant win games, Onlyplay ensures swift and satisfying gaming moments.

4. Playngc

Offering a comprehensive suite of games, Playngc contributes to the rich diversity of StarBet's portfolio.

5. Kagaming

Renowned for their visually stunning and smooth-running slots, Kagaming enhances the slots section of StarBet Casino.

6. Anetouch

Prioritizing mobile gaming, Anetouch ensures top-notch gaming on the go for StarBet players.

7. Evoplay

Creators of some of the industry's most exciting games, Evoplay adds a touch of innovation and excitement to the StarBet game library.

8. Wearecasino

Adding a unique collection of games, Wearecasino expands the gaming options available at StarBet.

9. Belatr

Offering a solid array of games, Belatr adds value to the StarBet gaming experience.

10. Pragmatic Play

Known for its high-quality slots and live casino games, It is a cherished part of the StarBet provider lineup.

11. Plavpearls

A newer name bringing fresh and exciting games to enhance the StarBet gaming portfolio.

12. Datacionis

Contributing to engaging and enjoyable games, Datacionis is a valuable part of the StarBet ecosystem.

13. Ortiz

Focuses on bingo and similar games and adds a unique flavour to StarBet's offerings.

14. 7moins

A provider dedicated to delivering memorable gaming experiences for all StarBet players.

15. Swintt

Offering a range of games that cater to various preferences, Swintt enriches the StarBet game selection.

16. Smortcori

Smortcori adds to the variety and enjoyment of the gaming experience at StarBet.

17. Gampart

Contributing diverse games to suit all tastes, Gampart is a vital part of the StarBet game offerings.

18. Vibragaminc

Enhancing the vibrancy and energy of StarBet's game selection, Vibragaminc is a welcome addition.

19. Wazdar

Wazdar brings exciting games to the StarBet platform.

20. Booonac

Booonac's array of games adds even more variety and choice for StarBet players.

21. 1x2

Offering virtual sports and other games, 1x2 ensures a well-rounded game selection at StarBet.

22. Dedrovo

Adding an array of innovative games, Dedrovo enhances the gaming adventure at StarBet.

23. Braames

Braames’ offerings contribute to the comprehensive and diverse game selection at StarBet.

24. Molay

Molay's exciting game options ensure all StarBet players have a range of choices for their gaming enjoyment.

25. Batterti

Offering a unique selection of games, Batterti completes the extensive lineup of providers at StarBet Casino.

Each provider brings its unique flair, innovation, and quality to the games on StarBet, ensuring a diverse, engaging, and top-quality gaming experience for every player. The wide array of providers reflects StarBet's commitment to delivering a comprehensive and premier online casino experience for its global audience.

StarBet Mobile Website Versions and Apps

Note on Mobile Application:

StarBet prioritises easy access and seamless user experiences. However, it's crucial to note that currently, no dedicated StarBet app is available for Android or iOS devices.

Nevertheless, users can conveniently access StarBet on their smartphones by adding a shortcut to their home screen, ensuring quick, app-like access to all StarBet’s offerings. Follow the simple steps below to add StarBet to your smartphone’s home screen.

For Android Devices:

  1. Open Your Browser:

Open the web browser on your Android smartphone.

  1. Access the Website:

Type in the StarBet URL and go to the website.

  1. Open Browser Options:

Tap on the three dots (menu option), usually at the screen's top right corner.

  1. Select 'Add to Home Screen':

In the dropdown menu, select the 'Add to Home screen' option.

  1. Name the Shortcut:

Name your StarBet shortcut and then tap ‘Add’.

Your StarBet shortcut will now appear on your Android device's home screen, enabling effortless access.

For Apple Devices:

  1. Open Safari:

Open the Safari browser on your Apple device.

  1. Visit the StarBet Website:

Enter the StarBet website URL and navigate to the website.

  1. Tap the Share Button:

Tap the share button, a square with an arrow pointing upwards, at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Choose 'Add to Home Screen':

In the share menu, scroll down and tap 'Add to Home Screen'.

  1. Name the Shortcut:

Name your StarBet shortcut and then tap ‘Add’.

The StarBet shortcut will be added to your Apple device's home screen, allowing easy and fast access anytime.

Embrace the ease of one-tap access to StarBet, ensuring your betting and game exploration continues uninterrupted, blending the convenience of an app with the comprehensive experience of the full website version


Does StarBet have a dedicated mobile app for Android or iOS?

No, currently, StarBet does not offer a dedicated mobile application for either Android or iOS platforms. However, you can still easily access the platform by adding a shortcut to the StarBet website on your smartphone's home screen.

How can I add a shortcut to StarBet on my Android device's home screen?

To add a StarBet shortcut on an Android device, open your web browser and visit the StarBet website. Tap the three dots (menu option) usually located at the top right corner to open browser options. From the dropdown menu, select 'Add to Home screen', name the shortcut ‘StarBet’, and then tap on ‘Add’.

How can I add a shortcut to StarBet on my Apple device's home screen?

To add a shortcut on an Apple device, open Safari and navigate to the StarBet website. Tap the share button (a square with an arrow pointing upwards) at the bottom of the screen. In the share menu, scroll and tap 'Add to Home Screen', name the shortcut ‘StarBet’, and then tap on ‘Add’.

Is the Cash Out option available for free bets on StarBet?

No, the ‘Cash Out’ functionality is not available for bets placed as ‘Freebets’

Is Cash Out available for all bet types?

Cash Out functionality is available for single and multi-bets only. It's not available for system bets.

Can the availability of ‘Cash Out’ change?

Yes, StarBet does not guarantee the availability of ‘Cash Out’ offers for any event or betting type at any time, and they reserve the right to withdraw or suspend ‘Cash Out’ offers without further notice.

What happens if ‘Cash Out’ is not available due to technical reasons?

StarBet cannot be held liable in case ‘Cash Out’ is not available for technical or other reasons. It's recommended not to place bets based on the assumption that ‘Cash Out’ will be available at a later point in time for the respective bet.

By providing shortcut access and detailed information on functionalities like ‘Cash Out’, StarBet ensures a seamless and informed betting experience for all users.


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