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09.10.2023, 07:27
09.10.2023, 07:27

StarBet 2 Game Cut Bonus

Unlimited days
Will end
StarBet 2 Game Cut BonusStarBet 2 Game Cut Bonus

Have you ever felt the heartbreak when two games jeopardised your accumulator? StarBet feels you! Introducing our 2 Game Cut Bonus – a salve for those near-perfect accumulators.

🔸 Qualification Criteria:

  • Selections Requirement - Ensure your ticket carries at least 18 selections.
  • Odds Condition - Each selection should maintain odds of 1.30 or above. Any deviation disqualifies the bet from this promotion.
  • Stake Minimum - Stake at least ₦200 to mark your bet's eligibility.

🔹 Conditions to Bear in Mind:

  • No to Cash Outs - If you cash out, your bet is out of this promotion.
  • Void/Cancelled? N, Go - A ticket with any voided or cancelled game is not eligible.
  • Acca Bonus Waiver - If two games cut your bet, the STARBET Acca bonus gets voided.
  • Eligibility - Players signed up via an agent? You qualify for the cut-2 bonus.
  • How's the Payout? - Say two games let you down; we'll omit those and give you 10% of what your winnings would've been.

🔺 Note the Terms:

  • All for Fun - Our offers are carved for recreational players. We retain the right to define eligibility.
  • One for One - Each offer is tailored for unique users. Duplication of claims across details or shared devices can lead to offer retraction.
  • Fair Play is the Way - Misuse or exploitation of the offer might lead to bonus loss, bet cancellation, or account closure.
  • In Control - STARBET can adjust, take back, or reject any promotion at its discretion.

Lastly, while you navigate these offers, remember that STARBET's General Terms and Conditions oversee all engagements. Enjoy, and may the luck be with you with StarBet! 💫🚀


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