Oliver Hammond

Senior Editor



Current Location:

London, United Kingdom


  • Bachelor's Degree in Statistics, London School of Economics
  • Master's Degree in Sports Management, University of Birmingham

Professional Experience:

  • I began my career as a statistical analyst for a major sports betting company.
  • Developed expertise in analysing betting patterns and setting odds for various sports, including football (soccer), cricket, and rugby.
  • Transitioned into a role as a senior sports betting consultant, advising high-profile clients on betting strategies and risk management.


  • Certified in Advanced Sports Betting and Analytics from the International Betting and Gaming Institute.
  • A frequent speaker at sports betting conferences in Europe, sharing insights on market trends and predictive analytics in sports betting.

Current Role:

Chief Sports Betting Strategist at VP-Bet – Leads a team of analysts in developing innovative betting strategies and predictive models. Specialises in football, cricket, and rugby, providing expert insights and advice to the company and its clients.

Personal Life:

  • An avid fan of Manchester United and regularly attends matches.
  • Enjoys playing cricket on weekends and is part of a local league.
  • Passionate about mentoring young statisticians and regularly volunteers at educational workshops related to sports analytics.
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