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13.05.2024, 21:14

Kazakhstan - Latvia predictions and free betting tips [14/05/2024]

Ice Hockey
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The group stage of the Elite Division Ice Hockey World Championship is set to kick off at 14:20. Enthusiasts of international hockey are in for a treat with a face-off between the teams of Kazakhstan and Latvia.


The Kazakhstan team has securely maintained its spot in the Elite Division over the past several years, standing strong among the world's top teams. Last year at the championship held in Finland and Latvia, the Kazakhstan hockey troupe didn't perform at their best, finishing sixth in their group. A year ago, Kazakhstan was only able to outperform teams representing Norway and Slovenia in the group stage, who were subsequently demoted to the First Division. Kazakhstan managed to secure victories only in group-stage matches against Norway, Slovakia, and Slovenia. In the 2024 World Championship, Kazakhstan has played two matches, gathering just 3 points so far. While not much was expected from the Kazakhstani players in the match against Slovakia, they were expected to, and did, beat France, defeating the Central European team 3:1. Thus, from two matches in the 2024 World Championship, Kazakhstan garnered 3 points and landed in fifth place. Although Kazakhstan doesn't have a shot at advancing to the quarter-finals, there is a chance to make it to the top 5. The main priority is to stay in the Elite Division, hence the vital victory against France.


The Latvian team has been a long-term participant in the Elite Division of the World Championship. While the Latvian team was considered underdogs several years ago, the previous World Championship shifted that perception. The 2023 World Championship took place in Latvia, and the local team significantly surprised its supporters. Just making it out of the group stage and into the quarter-finals of the World Championship was a significant accomplishment for the Latvian team. Latvia met Sweden in the quarter-finals and came out victorious with a 3:1 score. In the semi-finals, Latvia faced Canada, where their chances were slim. The world's best team secured a decisive victory. The defeat took Latvia to the third-place match, where they emerged triumphant with a 4:3 score against the USA. In the current World Championship, Latvia has played two matches and secured two victories. Firstly, Latvia managed to beat Poland in overtime, followed by an out-overtime victory over France. Currently, the Latvian team is in third place in the tournament table, trailing behind the teams representing Slovakia and Sweden. Sweden has gathered only 2 points more than Latvia.


Latvia and Kazakhstan have faced each other in 8 matches. Latvia has 6 victories to their name, while Kazakhstan has come out on top in 2 encounters.

The Prediction

Latvia will be the victors in regulation time. The European team performed brilliantly in the previous World Championship and already has 4 points in store, offering hopes for advancing to the quarter-finals. Kazakhstan, on the other hand, is weaker. While Kazakhstan has a well-coordinated team, they lack remarkable individual players like Daugavins.


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