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13.05.2024, 11:21

Germany - Sweden predictions and free betting tips [13/05/2024]

Ice Hockey
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The World Hockey Championship face-off between rivals representing Group "B" kicks off at 18:20. Fans of international hockey can look forward to a clash between the German and Swedish national teams.


Germany's hockey team has recently become one of those teams that are wavering between being average and striving for the top. Team Germany won silver at the 2018 Olympics and, a year ago, repeated the success by yielding in the tournament's principal match to their Canadian rivals. The average level of all teams in world hockey has increased, which has allowed the Germans to vie for the very top positions. At the start of the current World Championship, Team Germany was seen as a contender for the quarterfinals, and so far, it's all going according to plan. Currently, the German national team has played 2 official matches in the Hockey World Championship. In these 2 matches, Team Germany managed to gather 3 points. They achieved point score in the match against Slovakia. Germany emerged victorious from a high-scoring bout with Slovakia, winning the match 6:4. However, in the second match of the tournament, they took on the USA. Here, the tournament favourites left no chances for Germany and won with a score of 6:1. This loss demonstrated that the German team is not quite at the top-tier standard yet. Presently, Germany holds the 5th spot in the tournament table, lagging behind Slovakia and the USA on additional indicators.


Sweden's national team is always a tournament favourite and contender for the top spots, and the current World Championship is no exception. In their previous World Championship campaign, Team Sweden exited rather early, suffering a sensational defeat to Latvia in the quarterfinals with a score of 3:1. Now at the ongoing Championship in the Czech Republic, Sweden has played 2 matches and managed to garner 6 points. In the two opening matches, Sweden faced Poland and the USA. The expected 5:1 victory over Poland wasn't surprising, but their success against the US was noteworthy. In the opening match against the USA, Sweden's ice hockey team displayed their strength and serious intent, overpowering their North American opponents confidently. The Swedish team's gameplay was well-coordinated and stable. Their consistent performance throughout the match allowed them to score more than their adversary. Their opening-match victories put Team Sweden as the leaders of Group "B" — uniquely so with a similar number of points. The closest contenders from Latvia have managed to gather 4 points from 2 matches.


Germany and Sweden have faced each other in 15 official matches. Sweden has the upper hand with 12 victories, while Germany has triumphed in 3 encounters.


Sweden will win in regular time. In the initial stretch of the tournament, Team Sweden has shown quality hockey that allows them to lead the group. Their German opponents managed to overcome Slovakia, but they couldn't cope with top-tier rivals from the USA. Sweden are slated to win against the Germans, who are yet to find their stride.


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