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Slovenia - Lithuania predictions and free betting tips [25/06/2024]

International Friendlies
25.06.2024, 16:00
70 : 68
70:68 (32:30)
Over (170.5)
Odds: 1.85Stake: 5/10

Today, at 16:00 Slovenia will attempt to take revenge just two days after their last encounter.


Currently, Slovenia has to play without their leader Luka Dončić, which is actually beneficial for the team as it allows them to build team chemistry and test their bench players before the return of their star.

Two days ago against Latvia, the team had a characteristically slow start, with the scoreboard showing -11 for Slovenia by halftime. In the second half, they attempted a comeback, reducing the deficit to -6 by the end.

Three players stood out for Slovenia: Nikolic with 19, Dragić with 18, and Prepelič with 18. Together, they tallied 55 points; no other player on the team scored in double digits.

Luka is already with the team and has flown to Slovenia, but it is unlikely he will play significant minutes since the NBA Finals have only recently concluded, and he will be protected like a precious asset. However, fans can expect to see Slovenia's main star on the court.

Slovenia has a glaring problem, which was evident in their previous game – the three-second zone and rebounding. They attempted 13 shots fewer than Latvia against their quality big men, and they did not even have Sabonis and Valančiūnas playing. Toby and Nebo look weak against such competition, which is why Slovenia has lost the first quarter in their last six matches, always playing catch-up.


Latvia continues their victorious run in friendly games. After three matches where they dominated Lebanon, they easily defeated Slovenia. It is evident that the team is cohesive and on track for serious preparation for the Olympics.

Sabonis has returned, adding size to an already large squad, and he will pose problems with his versatility in both offence and defence.

It is worth noting the excellent team play. Unlike their opponents, Latvia had no single player leading the charge except for Grigonis with 17 points; the entire team contributed on both ends of the floor. Adding Sabonis and Valančiūnas, who do not hog the ball, creates a classic European style of play: strong defence and team-oriented offence with no primary option. In contrast, Slovenia, especially with Dončić, will have the ball in his hands most of the time, which, despite the star point guard's skills, can be a disadvantage.

Prediction for Slovenia vs. Latvia

I foresee a typical start from both teams, so the first quarter will likely go to Latvia. Also, considering Dončić will play some minutes and will set his trademark pace while neglecting defence, I predict that both teams will ease up on defence – it is a friendly match, after all – and will score over 170 points.


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