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Total Over 0.75 goals what it means in bet - TO 0.75 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

Novice sports betting enthusiasts often do not understand what over 0.75 total means in football. The magnitude of "0.75" is a complex value of the Asian market for performance indicators.

A bet on Over 0.75 includes 2 bets at once on 2 larger total values: Over 1 and Over 0.5. The market provides complex calculation principles, and each part of the bet is considered individually by the bookmaker.

Asian totals are used by bookmakers in the line-up for bets on overall and individual performance; players can bet on a team total over 0.75 or on a match total.

How to use this in sports betting?

The 'Total over 0.75' market in football is often used by bookmakers – quarter results of productivity players can encounter in the list of practically all popular football confrontations.

The TO 0.75 markets are presented separately under 'Asian total'. Players can place bets on a total of more than 0.75 before the start of the match and in real-time.

Betting on total goals over 0.75 in football should be done only in matches involving evidently unproductive teams. The average coefficient for this market is 1.10.

Betting Examples: Win, Loss, and Refund

Inexperienced players often have trouble understanding how Total 0.75 Over bets in football are calculated. To illustrate this, we can look at the practical application of this market using the example of an England Cup match between 'Chelsea' and 'Arsenal'.

The player makes a TO 0.75 bet of 1000 NGN at odds of 1.032. The bookie splits the bet into two parts:

  • TO 0.5 – 500 NGN;
  • TO 1 – 500 NGN.

Possible outcomes:

  • the match ends with a scoreless draw – both bets lose;
  • the match ends with one goal scored – the TO 0.5 bet brings the user 500 * 1.032 = 516 NGN, the bet on TO 1 is calculated by the bookie as a refund: 500 * 1 = 500 NGN.
  • more than one goal is scored – the bet wins, total payout: 1000 * 1.032 = 1032 NGN, net profit – 32 NGN.

When calculating bets, bookies only count the main playing time; extra time and final penalty shootouts are not counted.

The odds for a TO 0.75 bet in football are always higher than for a TO 0.5 bet but lower than for a TO 1 bet.

Total Over 1 Betting Strategy

There are no Total Over 0.75 betting strategies due to the low market odds.

The market can be relatively successfully used for live betting. Bookies increase the odds if the score remains unchanged for a long time.

In the long term, experienced players do not use the Total Over 0.75 market for betting on football matches.


The over 0.75 market in football will not allow you to make significant profit from bets due to reduced odds. Betting on over 0.75 can only be done in LIVE during the second half, if neither team has scored during the first 45 minutes of the game.


What is a Total 0.75 Over bet?

A Total Over 0.75 bet is an Asian market that corresponds to 2 bets: Total Over 0.5 and Total Over 1. The amount of each bet is equal to half the size of the Total Over 0.75 bet.

In which case is a total bet of 0.75 more appropriate?

A total over (TO) 0.75 bet is only suitable in LIVE mode, if the teams could not open the score in the first half. In this case, the average market rate will be 1.30.

Can one rely on the over 0.75 total betting strategy?

There is no working strategy for betting on Over 0.75 in football due to the low odds on the gaming market.


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