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What is Asian Total Over 0.75

The Asian total over 0.75 is one of the key markets in the list. Asian totals often cause difficulties for players, as they involve complex calculation principles.

The fractional indicator of the total '0.75' represents 2 bets: a bet on Over 0.5 and on Over 1. The size of each bet corresponds to half of the amount allocated by the player for the Asian total over 0.75.

Bookmakers most often include the lower indicator of the Asian total in the lists of football matches due to the low-scoring nature of the sport.

How to use this in sports betting

Betting on the Asian total 0.75 in the pre-match line is unprofitable due to the minimal odds that bookmakers set for low totals. The average odds for TO 0.75 is 1.10.

It's rational to place bets on TO 0.75 in real time if the teams didn't score during the first half. During the second half, the market odds can reach values of 1.20–1.30.

The odds for the Asian total 0.75, which implies 2 bets: TO 0.5 and TO 1, are always lower than those for quotes of whole performance indicators.

Examples of betting: Win, Lose and Return

To understand what Asian Total 0.75 More means, betting novices should consider the practical application of the betting market.

The player places a bet of 100 NGN on TO 0.75 in the Italian Championship match 'Verona - Fiorentina' with a coefficient of 1.052.

A bet on TO 0.75 for 100 NGN corresponds to 2 bets:

  • 50 NGN - on TO 0.5;
  • 50 NGN - on TO 1.

The possible outcomes depend on the number of goals scored by the football players.

Number of Goals scored in the match Calculate bet Profit, NGN
TO 0.5 TO 1
0 Loss
1 Win Return 50 * 1,052 + 50 * 1 = 102,60
2 or more Win 100 * 1,052 = 105,20
Totals with a fractional part of 0.75 do not provide for possible outcomes where 1 part of the bet loses, the other wins.

Betting strategy for over 0.75 total goals

There are no existing betting strategies for over 0.75 totals, as the low odds in the market do not allow for a profit in the long run.

Betting on such low totals could only be done in live mode during confrontations involving demonstrably weak football clubs. In practice, even a high pass rate for over 0.75 total bets cannot provide stable bank growth due to minimal quotes.

Bookmakers consider Asian totals to be part of the core betting markets, with a commission of no more than 7% applying to over 0.75 bets.


Bets on the Asian total 0.75 can only be made on football matches, as the scoring of hockey and basketball matchups is significantly higher and the probability of the total 0.75 being exceeded does not allow bookmakers to list this market.

Making bets on a low total in football is not profitable, with odds not exceeding 1.30.


What is a total bet 0.75 more?

A bet on TO 0.75 means 2 bets: TO 0.5 and TO 1.0. The face value of each bet corresponds to half of the amount the player allocated for the bet. Bookmakers calculate each bet on TO individually.

In which case is a total 0.75 bet more appropriate?

A TB 0.75 bet is only appropriate in the case of LIVE football confrontations if the teams failed to score before the start of the second half.

Can we rely on the over 0.75 total betting strategy?

There is no working over 0.75 betting strategy due to the low odds that bookmakers place on the market.


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