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Total Over 1.5 goals what it means in bet - TO 1.5 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

Bets on productivity are common among sports fans.

The term 'total' represents a number that reflects the game's outcome. The sportsbook sets the value of the total for bets.

What does Over 1.5 mean

Over 1.5 is a betting market for the productivity of matches in various sports. Bookmakers use the total for betting on goals, puck scores, points, sets, shots, removals, warnings, and quantitative indicators of match statistics.

Fans choose over if they expect activity from athletes on the field.

To make the Over 1.5 bet succeed, the final score must reach the value of 2 or more.

There are two types of total:

  • Common - implies the calculation of the total score of opponents;
  • Individual - considers the number of actions of a team or athlete.

Placing a bet on the total implies a preliminary study of statistics and knowledge of the chosen competition participants' productivity level. Additionally, the match's outcome may be influenced by the status of the competition, motivation, psychological mood, health condition, and weather on the day of the match.

What does TO 1.5 mean in football

The TO 1.5 market in football means that the two clubs will score two goals or more in total.

The betting interval:

  • match, including extra time;
  • half;
  • the interval between selected minutes of the game;
  • regulation time.
In football, when betting on the total TO 1.5 goals, bookmakers often take a half as the segment of the game, and the team's individual total - the match.

If there are doubts about the productivity of the match, fans as an alternative, choose TO 1. The market assumes a refund if a single ball is scored.

What does TO 1.5 mean in ice hockey?

In ice hockey events, TO 1.5 means that during the game or period, the teams will make at least two successful shots on goal.

Bookmakers rarely put this market in the match script due to the high-scoring nature of this sport - bets on TO 1.5 in hockey are usually won by the middle of the match.

Typically, a betting company offers to bet on the results of a period.

For a bet to be successful, it doesn't matter who is leading in the score. The main thing is the total number of goals scored.

If the fan places a bet on a team's or hockey player's total, the number of goals scored by the selected participant is essential for the calculation.

The relative simplicity of predicting and a high pass rate for bets are reasons for the low odds in the line.

To increase client interest, bookmakers include combined outcomes in the line, for example, "TO + win" and "TO + both will score".

What does TO 1.5 mean in basketball

Bookmakers do not offer TO 1.5 in the basketball listing either for the match's final score or the quarter. Average total values for a game reach 180–200 points, for a quarter – 40–50 points.

The TO 1.5 market is used in betting stats of basketball matches: violations, interceptions, ball losses, and passes. If the game statistic reaches a value of 2 or more, the betting slip will go through.

Total over 1.5 and 2 - the difference

Beginner players are often interested in, what is the difference between TO 1.5 and TO 2. The difference between the markets is in the value of effectiveness for the passage of the bet and the possibility of a refund.

With TO 1.5, the coupon will win if the competitors score at least 2 goals or perform 2 other game actions. If the teams manage to score 1 goal, or the ball does not hit the goal, the bet will lose.

When calculating TO 2, the fan expects 3 possible outcomes:

  • 3 or more goals in the match - the bet wins;
  • only 1 ball was missed, or the match ended with a zero score - the bookmaker will take the money;
  • the number of goals is exactly 2 - the betting office will calculate a refund with odds of 1.00.

Examples of calculation for total over 1.5

The order of calculating bets on TO 1.5 can be conveniently looked at in an example.

A betting company client places a bet on a football match between the national teams of Mexico and Panama. The bookmaker offers odds of 1.45 for the TO 1.5 position. The player is ready to risk the amount of 3000 NGN.

Possible calculations:

  • the match is finished with a zero score – the ticket did not pass;
  • the teams scored a single goal - the player lost 3000 NGN;
  • at least 2 goals are scored - the bet passed, the payout will be 3000 * 1.45 = 4350 NGN.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Possibility to bet on all types of sports Low coefficients
Ease of forecasting Disadvantageous for long-term play
High passability  


Over 1.5 is a common market for betting in the paint for most sports. To win, the number of specified game events must be 2 or more.

The basis for making a forecast for an event is the study of statistics from past games.


Under what condition will the bet on TO 1.5 pass?

The bet on TO 1.5 will win if the number of game actions within a certain time interval is 2 or more.

Is it possible to get a refund on a TO 1.5 bet?

The bookmaker can refund the amount of a total of over 1.5 coupons only for a reason that does not depend on the match's outcome, for example, in case of a match cancellation or due to a technical error in the line.


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