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What is Total Over 1 in Hockey

'Over 1' total in hockey - a line outcome assumes 2 or more effective team actions during the game: match or period.

Betting on totals in hockey is offered by bookmakers in matches of any championships. The most goals in hockey are scored by participants in NHL matches. KHL teams usually follow a defensive strategy, not offensive one.

Using this in Sports Betting

Total in hockey - a popular market in the sportsbooks line. Total Over 1 means that athletes will score at least 2 pucks in a match or period.

The feature of betting on TO (1) in hockey - is high passability and ease of forecasting; the bet wins in 80% of cases. Already in the 1st period, teams usually score 2 or more pucks.

For a winning bet on the match, it doesn't matter which team won. The main thing is the final score of the meeting.

The high hockey performance is a reason for the low odds on TO (1). Bookmakers rarely make an outcome for major national or international tournaments. The market is often present in the painting on matches of outsiders or in the live hockey line if the score is not opened by the end of the match.

If the teams are set to attack, it is possible to bet on a total of over 1 in hockey, but the opponents have a good defence.

Hockey - a productive kind of sport

Before concluding a bet, bookmakers recommend studying the rules for calculating bets on the official website. Some bookmakers take into account only goals in regular time; other sportsbooks count pucks during overtimes and shootouts.

Betting Examples: Winning, Losing, and Refunding

To understand how an Over 1 (O1) bet in hockey is calculated, let's look at clear examples.

The bookmaker offers an odds of 1.20 for the outcome 'Total Over 1' in the 2nd period of the hockey match 'Lokomotiv - Vityaz'. The client bets 1000 NGN.

Possible calculations:

  • if the teams finish halftime at zero-all - the bet does not go through;
  • if 1 goal is scored during the game - the bookmaker will calculate the bet at odds of 1.00: 1000 * 1 = 1000 NGN. and will refund the money to the client's account;
  • if the total number of goals in the period is 2 or more, the player will receive a payout: 1000 * 1.2 = 1200 NGN.

Total over 1 Hockey Betting Strategy

Bettors apply 3 popular strategies for 'Total Over 1' hockey bets.

Live Betting on TO (1) in the 2nd Period

Conditions for placing a bet:

  • in the first period, the hockey players made many shots on goal, but did not score;
  • statistics from the previous games of each of the opponents indicate that more than 1/3 of the pucks are scored in the second period;
  • in the previous head-to-head match, the teams scored 2 or more goals in the second period.
To increase the odds, bet is combined with the outcome 'Against the draw'.

Live Betting in 3rd Period

It makes sense to apply this strategy in hockey when the second period ends with a score of 0:1 or 1:0 and the bookmaker's odds exceed 2.00.

In KHL and NHL matches, games rarely end without many goals scoring – the bet has a high chance of winning.

'Step by step'

The 'Step by step' strategy is based on increasing the cost of the bet and implies aggressive financial management.

The player makes consecutive TO (1) hockey bets with an average coefficient of 1.10–1.15. The win from the first bet is placed on the second event; a series of 5 wins provides about 65% profit.


The total in a hockey match is a quantitative indicator of goals thrown into the gate within a time period. TO (1) means that 2 or more goals were scored at the end of the game. If opponents manage to score only 1 goal, the betting company will return the total bet amount to the user's account.

Due to low odds, deals on a total of more than 1 in hockey are unprofitable in the long distance.


What is Total 1 Over bet in hockey?

Total Over (1) in hockey is a wager on the game's productivity. The fan assumes the teams will score 2 or more goals in a match or period.

When is it appropriate to bet on total 1 more in hockey?

Experienced players bet on Over (1) in hockey in live when the score is zero after the first period or in pre-match on an outsiders game.

Can one rely on the betting strategy total 1 more in hockey?

Bets on TO (1) in hockey win 80% of the time, but bookmakers do not give high odds for the market - bets on the total more than 1 in hockey are unprofitable over a long distance.


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