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What is Asian Total

An Asian total is a double total of practical actions, the value of which is a multiple of 0.25 or 0.75.

When choosing a bet, the bookmaker evenly divides the amount between the nearest whole and fractional market values, each bet is calculated separately.

For example, an Asian total of 1.75 or more in football means betting on 2 adjacent markets - Over 1.5 and Over 2.

Asian totals are available for football and hockey, less often - for basketball, tennis and other sports.

Types of bets on the outcome:

  • football - on goals in a match, in halves and intervals, corner kicks, yellow cards and other statistical indicators;
  • hockey - on pucks in a game, periods and intervals.

Unlike classic total, the Asian market implies calculation options:

  • complete win or loss;
  • partial win and refund;
  • loss and refund.

It is helpful for beginners to know what the Asian total means, the pros and cons of the outcome, how the bet is calculated, and which strategies to use when placing a bet for more profitable betting at bookmakers.

How to Use This in Sports Betting

Players use the Asian total to find a balance between risks and odds on nearby classic totals.

For example, the quotes for ITO 2.75 in football are higher compared to ITO 2.5, and the likelihood of a refund is lower compared to ITO 3.

Betting Examples: Win, Loss, and Refund

Clear examples of calculations will help beginners understand what an Asian total is in betting.

Bookmakers offer overall (T) and individual Asian totals (IT) in their listings.

When calculating bets on IT, the productivity of the second team does not matter.

For example, 1000 naira on the Asian individual total of guests 1.75 over in the match of Spanish Segunda 'Andorra' - 'Las Palmas' with odds of 1.71, the bookmaker divides into 2 markets:

  • IT2B 1.5 - 500 naira;
  • IT2B 2 - 500 naira.

Possible scenarios:

  • win - 'Las Palmas' scored 3 goals or more, payout: 1000 * 1.71 = 1710 naira;
  • win IT2O 1.5 and refund IT2O 2 - guests scored exactly 2 goals, payout: 500 * 1.71 + 500 * 1.00 = 1355 naira;
  • bets loss - 'Las Palmas' scored 1 goal or less.

An example of calculating the total Asian total: 1000 rnaira on a total of 2.75 less in the England Cup match 'Manchester United' - 'West Ham' with odds of 1.75, the bookmaker will divide into 2 markets:

  • TM 2.5 - 500 naira;
  • TM 3 - 500 naira.

Possible outcomes:

  • win - no more than 2 goals were scored in the match, payout: 1000 * 1.75 = 1750 naira;
  • loss TU 2.5 and refund TU 3 - exactly 3 goals were scored in the game, payout: 500 * 1.00 = 500 naira;
  • loss - 4 or more goals were scored in the match.

Asian Total Betting Strategy

A fan can develop an optimal betting strategy on the Asian total more or less independently.

When placing bets on football totals, it is essential to consider statistics and team performance, confrontation significance, form and motivation of players, and weather conditions. For instance, in intense heat or heavy rain, preference should be given to Asian totals less.

On TU 2.25

Betting on a total of less than 2.25 can be done in football matches involving non-resultative teams that scoreless and concede an average of no more than 2 goals per game.

The best way to use this strategy is by betting on low-scoring leagues, such as Greece, Russia, Argentina and Scotland championships, where bookmakers expect lesser performance.

On TO 2.75

Choose TB 2.75 in crucial confrontations of high-scoring opponents, whose average performance is from 3 goals per match.

The strategy suits leagues with high performance, for example, top divisions in Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, and Belgium.


The Asian total in betting on football and hockey provides an opportunity to place bets with higher odds and lower risks compared to two neighboring totals, multiples of 0.5 and 1.

Advantages Disadvantages
Possibility of partial winnings and returns or losses and returns Complex calculation rules for beginners
Lower risks and higher odds compared to two nearest classic totals Not available at every bookmaker
Simple pre-match analysis  

The Asian total allows you to recover part of the losses in case of a bad result and get some winnings even in case of not the best development of events.


What is an Asian total?

An Asian total is a double bet on the number of effective actions, which is a multiple of 0.25 or 0.75. When placing a bet on the Asian total, the player bets on the 2 nearest totals, which are multiples of 0.5 and 1.

In what case is a bet on the Asian total appropriate?

The Asian total allows you to place a profitable bet on an intermediate outcome when the player does not want to bet on the nearest whole and fractional totals due to lower odds of one bet and higher risks of another market.

Can you rely on the strategy of Asian total bets?

Betting on the Asian total can be profitable in the long run with a competent analysis. The main thing to conclude a winning bet is to choose the correct value of TO or TU.


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