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Total Over 0.75 goals what it means in bet - TO 0.75 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

The individual total 0.75 more is a betting market based on a team's performance over the course of a game's main time. The quarterly total indicator of 0.75 means 2 bets - over total 0.5 and over 1. The sizes of each bet correspond to half the amount the player sets aside for the coupon.

Bookmakers calculate bets independently of each other.

The Asian individual total is the main market in the bookmakers' lines, with the average commission level of bookmakers not exceeding 7%.

How to use it in sports betting?

Bettors bet on ITO 0.75 in favor of definitely unproductive teams. Asian total bets are often used in football matches.

You can place bets on the individual total of 0.75 O in prematch and in real-time mode.

Designations of markets used by bookmakers:

  • ITO 1 (0.75) — host total;
  • ITO 2 (0.75) – guest total.

Markets for bets on ITB 0.75 can be found in the lineup for individual hockey confrontations.

When calculating bets on ITO, bookmakers take into account only the basic time of the match, without extra time and final penalties.

Betting Examples: Win, Loss and Refund

To understand the principles of betting on ITO 0.75, let's consider a practical application of betting on the example of the Russian Cup match "Spartak – Lokomotiv".

The player bets on ITO 2 (0.75) in favor of the guests – FC "Lokomotiv" with an odds of 1.76. The bet amount is 1000 NGN.

The bookmaker will divide the client's bet amount into 2 bets:

  • 500 NGN on ITO 2 (0.5);
  • 500NGN on ITO 2 (1).

The coupon anticipates 3 possible calculations.

Number of goals scored by FC "Lokomotiv" Bet calculation Win, NGN Net profit, NGN
ITO 2 (0.5) ITO 2 (1)
0 Loss
1 Win Refund 500 * 1.76 + 500 * 1 = 1380 1380 – 1000 = 380
2 and more Win 1000 * 1.76 = 1760 1760 – 1000 = 760
Experienced players do not recommend using markets for betting on Asian total indicators when using freebets – bookmakers cancel bonus bets when part of the bet is refunded.


Asian total betting is popular among experienced players. Novices avoid quarter performance indicators due to the complex principles of betting calculation. The playground strategy of betting on outsider ITO will increase profits in the long run and minimize potential risks.


What is a bet on individual total over 0.75?

Betting on ITO 0.75 consists of 2 bets on a team's performance throughout a sports confrontation: on ITO 0.5 and ITO 0.75. The amount of each bet corresponds to half of the total bet size.

When is a bet on individual total 0.75 more appropriate?

A bet on over 0.75 is appropriate in a football match with inherently low-scoring teams.

Can we rely on the betting strategy of individual total over than 0.75?

The betting strategy for ITU 0.75 outsider does not guarantee a profit but reduces the risk of loss.


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