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Total Over 4.5 goals what it means in bet - TO 4.5 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

Totals are famous markets for additional listing. A total over 4.5 brings profit to a fan with at least five successful actions or statistical indicators.

Bookmakers accept bets on the results of a match or a part of a meeting - a football half, a hockey period, a set in tennis. Users bet on the result of both teams or one team, an athlete in an individual discipline.

What is Over 4.5

Before placing a bet on the outcome of a sports event, the customer needs to understand what over 4.5 total means.

In the bookmaker's line, the market is recorded as Over (4.5). The symbols mean:

  • O – the type of bet is total, the player bets on the number of statistical indicators or scored points;
  • Over – the abbreviation indicates the number of goals in football or pucks in hockey required for the bet to win; when choosing Over, the player expects that the number of scored actions will exceed the market value;
  • 4.5 – the value of the total.

Over 4.5 – a fractional market. When calculating a coupon, there are 2 options:

  • winning with five or more scored points;
  • losing if goals or pucks are 4 or less.
No options with insurance and cashback are provided in Over 4.5, as when choosing integer markets.

What does Total Over 4.5 mean in football


The Over 4.5 goals bet is popular in football lines - players bet on the number of goals in the match, in 1 of the halves, for a specific team.

Bookmakers offer high odds on over 4.5 goals. For football matches, scoring at least 5 goals is a significant performance. Players place bets with odds from 5.00–6.00.

Clients need to understand what Over 4.5 means in football when placing bets on statistical indicators. Bookmakers offer to select the number of:

  • yellow cards;
  • corners;
  • offsides;
  • fouls;
  • shots on goal, on target.

Users bet on a certain number of statistical indicators in the game, 1 of the halves, periods, for example, from 1 to 15 minutes.

TB 4.5 in Hockey


Hockey is a more high-scoring sport compared to football. On average, each game sees rivals score 4–5 pucks; betting on a total over 4.5 in hockey can be made with smaller odds. The average quotes are 1.80–2.00.

For the bet to go through, the ice battle enthusiasts expect no less than 5 pucks from the opponents. If the teams score 4 times or less, the bet loses.

Bookmaker clients need to understand what a total 4.5 over in hockey means when choosing statistical indicators. Bookmakers accept bets on the number of:

  • penalty minutes;
  • face-offs won;
  • shots on goal.
Betting offices are open for accepting bets on statistical indicators as per the result of the match and separately for each period.

How to understand win/double chance and over/under 4.5 total?

A common type of combined betting is total and match outcome bets. The user selects the winner and predicts the scoring in the match. To successfully place a bet, it's necessary to predict both choices correctly.

A novice can understand what over 4.5 total in football means and what a win or double chance outcome is with the help of an example.

In the 'Spartak' – 'Zenit' match, the user chooses 'Spartak' to win and an over (4.5) total. The player will win if 'Spartak' triumphs and there are at least 5 goals in the game. For instance, the final match score could be 3:2, 4:1 or 5:0 in favour of the Moscow club.

For insurance, the betting local client chooses a double chance and over 4.5 total scores in football. The stake is winning with at least 5 goals scored in the game.

When selecting a double chance, there are three possible options for the bet slip calculations:

  • 1X – home team wins or draws;
  • X2 – a draw or visitor team wins;
  • 12 – victory by any team; the bet loses in case of a draw.

In combined bets, bookmakers often name the team chosen by the user, for instance, 'Spartak' or 'Zenit', or indicate the team with numbers 1 and 2, which are hosts and guests, respectively. If the match takes place on a neutral ground, 1 – is the first team in the bookmaker's line, 2 – is the second team.

The reverse variant of a combined bet – a win/double chance in a match and under total. For example, under (4.5) in football will win if the teams score four or fewer goals during the match. The user will lose the betted amount with five or more goals scored during the match.

Strategies and Calculation of Over 4.5


Understanding what Over 4.5 in football means can be grasped by the example of a betting slip calculation. A user places a bet of 2200 NGN on Over (4.5) in an English Championship match between Stoke City and Rotherham United with odds of 5.85.

Calculation options:

  • the teams score 5 or more goals in the match - the bookmaker's customer receives the winnings: 2200 * 5.85 = 12870 NGN;
  • if 4 or fewer goals are scored, the user loses the bet amount.

The Over (4.5) betting strategy is popular for the number of goals scored in football - a risky and profitable tactic; users bet at high odds.

According to the strategy conditions, fans select the second or third divisions of European championships with consistently high productivity for placing bets. Bookmakers don't evaluate the likelihood of markets in championships carefully enough - the customer has more chances to find value and place a bet at an inflated coefficient.

When conducting pre-match analysis, the user selects teams with Over (4.5) in at least 3 of the previous 10 games.

Bookmakers offer high odds on Over (4.5) for the number of goals scored - from 4.00. The customer only needs 1 out of 4 bets to go through to break even.

The Over (4.5) betting strategy is common in hockey. For placing bets, bookmaker customers select markets with a coefficient of 1.85.

Bets should be placed taking into account the factors:

  • the teams are motivated to win the match;
  • the central forwards are set to participate in the game; the hockey players are in good shape;
  • in the last 10 matches of both teams, Over (4.5) has occurred at least seven times.

The strategy provides profit in the long term with a hit rate of 65%.

Betting on Over (4.5) in a hockey match implies the number of pucks scored in regulation time only. If the fifth puck is scored in overtime, the bookmaker will count it as a loss.

Bookmaker customers should understand what Total Over 4.5 means when betting on other sports. For example, a bet can be placed on the Over (4.5) market for the number of games won by a tennis player or points scored by a basketball player in a match.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting on TO (4.5)

Advantages Disadvantages
High odds in football Low probability of success in football matches
Presence in the list of all bookmakers Lack of an option with coefficient 1.00
The main outcome of the meeting is irrelevant when calculating


The Over 4.5 (O/U 4.5) market is famous in different sports disciplines when a user chooses the number of scoring actions or statistical indices.

Bookmakers often offer high odds, users can frequently profit with careful pre-match analysis.


What is a bet on total over 4.5?

Over 4.5 total bet is a bet at a bookmaker's office on the number of productive actions or statistical indicators in a match or part of a meeting.

Under what conditions does a total over 4.5 bet win?

A TO (4.5) bet is successful with a minimum of 5 effective actions or statistical indicators.

How many options are there for calculating a bet on over 4.5 in football?

When calculating for an Over (4.5) bet at the sportsbook, a win is possible if 5 or more goals are scored in a football match, and a loss occurs when 4 or less goals are scored.

What football statistical indicators can I bet on total over 4.5?

In the football betting statistics section, bookmakers offer to place bets on TO (4.5) for the number of yellow cards, offsides, corners, shots on goal and on target.


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