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Total Over 4.0 goals what it means in bet - TO 4.0 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

The Total Over 4 or TO 4 bet is a wager on one of the leading markets in the betting list to wager on the performance of a team or athlete. This market is used for betting on low-scoring sports such as hockey and football.

Since understanding the principle of calculating Total Over 4 is not difficult, even novice players often use this market.

What does Over 4 mean

A bet on over four goals means the spectator expects more than four goals from the opponents in the upcoming match. If the teams' scoring exceeds the total value at the end of regular game time, the bet will play out - the bookmaker will pay out the winnings to the client according to the coefficient. If the teams do not exceed the total value, the bookmaker will calculate the bet as a loss. If the total is exactly four units, the client will receive a payout with a coefficient of 1.00.

When calculating bets on totals, bookmakers usually consider only the results of the primary time, without counting overtimes, penalty shots, or decisive shootouts. Experienced players recommend studying the rules for calculating bets in the selected bookmaker before placing a bet on Over.

Bookmakers use the "Over 4" position in football or hockey across the markets for betting on statistical indicators or the effectiveness of individual time intervals:

  • total yellow cards;
  • total dismissals;
  • total corners;
  • individual team totals;
  • total shots on goal or crossbar;
  • total of periods, halves.
The principle of calculating bets on Over remains the same, regardless of the selected market.

Total Over 4 in Football

In the football listing, the over 4 total (O4) market for betting on the final team score can often be found, for betting on the individual performance of a team - significantly less. By betting on O4, the player determines that during the main time of the match, the opponents will score 5 or more goals.

The market provides a high level of odds even in the case of betting on matches with the involvement of high-scoring football clubs.

Total Over 4 in Ice Hockey

In hockey, the Total Over (TO) 4 market is used more frequently - the average performance level of hockey matches is higher than in football. Bookmakers do not always offer this market in their listings - the number of total bet positions for a hockey match is smaller. Bookmakers limit their listing to 2-3 positions.

The TO 4 in the listing for individual matches can be used for bets on individual team indicators.

By placing a bet on TO 4, the bookmaker's client predicts the match performance will be no less than five goals.

The level of odds on Total Over 4 in hockey is 1.30-10.00, depending on the average performance of the teams participating in the match.

Over 4 Goals Betting Strategies

Placing bets on over 4 goals in football matches is often a bad idea due to the minimal probability of the bet being a success. The average total for professional level matches is less than 3.

In most cases, for over 4 goals bets, bookmaker customers use the strategy of betting on totals in hockey.

The aim of the strategy is to identify matches involving the most high-scoring teams and place bets on over 4 goals.

The rules for selecting matches to bet on are:

  • the average total team goals for the last 5 away games – 3 and higher;
  • the average total team goals for the last 5 home games – 3 and higher;
  • the average score of the last 5 head-to-head confrontations – 5 and higher;
  • the total of the last match involving the teams – less than 4;
  • the minimum odds for the over 4 goals market – 2.00.

Alongside this analytical strategy, players use passive bank management forms: 'Flat', fixed profit, percentage of the bank.

To work with statistics, you can use independent relevant resources or bookmaker's match centers.

Calculation Examples for Total Over 4

To understand what Total Over 4 means and look at how the bet is calculated, let's take an example.

A player made a bet of 1000 NGN on the TO 4 market in the Continental Hockey League match "Vityaz - Amur" with odds of 1.58.

The calculation of bets depends on the total number of pucks scored by both teams during the regular time of the confrontation.

Number of Goals Outcome Payout, NGN.
5 or more Win 1000 х 1.58 = 1580
4 Return 1000 х 1 = 1000
3 or less Loss 0

For instance, "Vityaz" scored 2 goals and the guests from "Amur" scored 3 goals. The total score was 5 goals, so the bet won.

In case of reaching the specified productivity, the bookmaker may not wait for the end of the match and conduct an early payout calculation.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
High odds in the football lineup Ignoring the hockey market by bookmakers
Presence of a strategy Not high odds for betting on hockey games
Low commission - not more than 6%  
Possibility of early calculation  
Possibility of return calculation  


What types of sports can you bet on TO 4?

You can bet on TO 4 in hockey, football, esports, handball matches and futsal confrontations.

What are the main advantages of the TO 4 market?

The main advantages of the market are low commission level, the possibility of early settlement, and settlement by return.

What does 'Total over 4' differ from 'TO 4'?

TO is an abbreviation that bookmakers use to denote the 'Total Over' market.


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