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Total Over 2.0 goals what it means in bet - TO 2.0 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

In the line of sportsbooks, users bet on the number of practical actions or statistical indicators in a sports match. Betting is open for the outcome of the game or segment of the meeting - football half, basketball quarter, hockey period.

Bookmakers accept bets on fractional and whole totals.

TO (2) - bet with insurance. In addition to winning and losing, the betting company can calculate the bet return with a coefficient of 1.00. For example, if the opponents scored two goals - the bookmaker will return the bet amount to the player's account.

What does TO 2 mean?

In the bookmaker's listing, the market entry looks like TO (2). If the bettor does not know how to understand the total more than 2, an analysis of each symbol in the market will help:

  • T - total, a bet on the number of successful actions of a team or an athlete in an individual discipline;
  • B - the user chooses a greater number of actions compared to the value specified in the market;
  • 2 - the number indicates 2 practical actions in the game.

What does Over 2 mean in football?

Over 2 is a common market in football. Customers of betting companies bet on the number of:

  • team goals or individual player goals;
  • corners;
  • fouls;
  • yellow cards;
  • offsides.

In most cases, bookmakers take bets on over 2 in full-time for goals scored. A fan who made a deal on over 2, will win with 3 or more goals. If there are no goals in the match or 1 goal was scored, the betting company client loses money. In case of 2 goals, the bookmaker arranges a refund.

The deciphering of over 2 in football for statistical indicators is similar. For the user to win, they should expect at least 3 corners, fouls, or offsides.

What does TO 2 mean in Hockey?

In hockey, there is higher productivity than in football; bookmakers offer to bet on the outcome of 1 period, not the entire match.

A total of over 2 implies that the bookmaker's client, to win a bet, expects the competitors to score at least three goals in the period.

In a bookmaker's list for hockey matches, users bet on TO (2) based on statistical indicators, for example, guessing the number of face-offs won by a hockey player.

What TO 2 means in Basketball

In a basketball match, and even in 1 quarter, teams score dozens of points- TO (2) is included by bookmakers only in the description of individual athletes' indicators:

  • 3-point throws;
  • intercepts;
  • assists.

Over 2 compared to Over 2.5

Understanding what more than 2 goals total means is easier compared to the fractional market Over 2.5.

Novices may find it easier to understand the fractional market Over 2.5, as the bookmaker will only offer two possible outcomes for the bet, win or lose.

For example, when placing a bet on a football match, the user will make a profit if at least 3 goals are scored. If the teams score 2 goals or less, the bet loses.

Over 2.5 is the opposite type of bet to Under 2.5. If the user goes for the under, they will profit if no goals are scored in the game or 1-2 goals are scored. If 3 or more goals are scored, the result will lead to a loss of the staked money.

If a bookmaker customer bets on an over than two total, the bookmaker will add a third bet settlement option - a refund. If exactly 2 goals are scored in the match, the player will not profit, but neither will they lose their staked money - the bookmaker will refund the bet amount to the user's balance.

Odds for fractional markets are higher. But when placing a bet in the whole market, the user has an insurance option when the bookmaker will settle the bet with a refund.

The insurance option makes the total goals in a match over 2 a popular market in express bets. To win, the player must predict all the outcomes included in the coupon correctly. Whole markets offer more opportunities to profit from express bets.

If the bookmaker refunds an over 2 total in an express bet, the calculation reduces the final odd of the coupon, but does not result in a lost bet.

Examples of total over bets calculation

The market is famous in lines for various sports - team and individual disciplines. For example, in tennis, bookmakers offer to bet on the number of sets won in a match or game. Among statistical indicators, clients consider bets on aces, breaks, and double faults. Understanding what a total bet over two means is helped by breaking down an example.

In the semifinal match of the UK Open Tennis Championship between Carlos Alcaraz and Daniil Medvedev, a bookmaker's client placed 900 rubles over two games won in the first game by the Russian tennis player at odds of 1.55.

Options for calculating bets:

  • Alcaraz played confidently and won with a score of 6:1 or 6:0 - loss of money placed by the user;
  • Medvedev won 2 games and conceded 2:6. This equals the market value - the bookmaker will calculate a refund. The final coefficient is 1.00; the placed 900 rubles will be returned to the client's balance;
  • if Medvedev wins in 3 or more games, the user will receive a profit: 900 * 1.55 = 1395 NGN.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Availability in live and pre-match listings Odds on whole markets are lower compared to fractional markets
Availability for sports statistics betting  
Possibility to bet with insurance  


What does 'Total Over 2' mean in betting at bookmaker's offices?

'Total Over 2' in bookmaker's offices is a bet on the number of successful actions or statistical indicators in a match, part of the meeting.

How do bookmakers calculate the total over 2 market in football goal bets?

When calculating the total over 2 market for the number of goals in football, the user will profit from the bet when 3 or more goals are scored. If the rivals score exactly 2 goals, the bookmaker will calculate the bet as a refund and will send the staked money back to the player's account.

No goals scored or 1 goal result in a lost forecast.

What can you bet on total over 2 in sportsbooks?

Bets on a total over 2 in sportsbooks can be placed on the number of goals scored in football, pucks scored in hockey, and games won in tennis.


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