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What Does 'Total 1 over Second Half' Mean?

Bet Total 1 more second half - a bet on teams' productivity when a fan expects more than 1 goal in the match's second half.

The bet on the total of the second half is more than 1 is unpopular among players and not available in all bookmaker offices. When choosing suitable opponents and competent market analysis, it can be profitable over a long distance.

The market provides 3 outcomes depending on the number of goals in the second half of the football meeting:

  • win - the clubs scored at least 2 goals;
  • loss - opponents did not score any goal;
  • refund - one of the teams only scored 1 goal.

You can place bets on more than 1 second half at bookmakers in pre-match and live.

Unlike the total of the second half more than 1.5, the market allows for the possibility of a return, lower risks, and lower odds.

How to Use This in Sports Betting

Matches from high-scoring teams, each of which on average scores and concedes more than 2 goals per game, are suitable for betting on total goals over 1 in the second half.

It is better to place bets in the live line if the opponents played actively in the first part of the meeting - they attacked and scored a lot.

Before making a deal, the bookmaker's client needs to study:

  • effectiveness - the average number of goals in championship matches, in recent meetings and the second half;
  • the nature of the game in the first half - the number of dangerous attacks and effective actions;
  • The top scorers' form, the sides' lineups and possible personnel changes.
When choosing a total of over 1 goal in the second half live, it is worth watching the match broadcast to better assess what is happening on the field and the likelihood of scoring in the second part of the game.

Betting Examples: Win, Loss, and Return

To understand what a total over 1 bet in the second half means, we can look at an example of a bookmaker's bet calculation.

The player places a 100 NGN bet on Over 1 in the second half of the Russian Cup match between 'Volga' (Ulyanovsk) and 'Zenit' with odds of 1.38. Possible calculation scenarios include:

  • 2 goals and above - win 100 * 1.38 = 138 NGN;
  • exactly 1 goal - return 100 * 1 = 100 NGN;
  • 0 goals - loss.

FC 'Zenit' scores a goal

It doesn't matter which team scores - what matters is the fact of a goal.

Over 1 Second Half Total Goals Betting Strategy

The Over 1 total for the second half is a market players seldom use. There are no betting strategies for this outcome on the internet; fans create their game models. for example, they bet on Over 1 Total as a multi-event accumulator to increase the final odds of the coupon.

Players place accumulators live from 3-4 matches, where goals in the second half are most likely.

The bookmaker client takes into account the result of the match's first half and analyses the teams' past actions and the opponents' goals in the second half.

Examples of suitable first-half scenarios for Over 1 Total in the second-half accumulator are:

  • exchange of goals or a high score - 2:1, 2:2, 3:0;
  • the favourite is losing to the underdog;
  • a draw that is unsatisfactory to either side;
  • a goalless draw, provided both opponents are playing dangerously offensive.
If a fan is confident in the team's aggressive and productive play in the second half, placing a bet on Over 1.5 with a higher coefficient is possible.


A total of 1 or more in the second half is one of the undervalued markets in bookmaking companies. The main advantage of the market is small risks. When there is 1 scored goal, the coupon is returned.

Players prefer to bet on TO1 at halftime of the match after analyzing the statistics and gameplay of clubs in the first half of the football encounter.

Advantages Disadvantages
Low risk of loss when choosing suitable matches Lower odds compared to TO 1.5
Possibility of a refund in case of one goal  
High odds compared to TO 0.5  


What is a Total 1 over bet for the second half?

A Total Over 1 bet in the second half is a bet that the teams will score more than 1 goal in the second half of the match.

In what case is a total 1 bet more appropriate in the second half?

It is better to place a live bet on a match of attacking teams that have actively spent the first half of the meeting.

Can one rely on the betting strategy of total over 1 in the second half?

There are no betting strategies for total over 1 in the second half available online. Players may devise their own tactics, for instance, placing live express bets on matches with high-scoring teams.


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