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What Does Individual Total 1 Over Mean?

The 'Team 1 total over' market is a position in the betting list for a bet on the effectiveness of the first team, the home team. Players determine how many goals, pucks or points will the team or athlete score.

The bet will win if the hosts score more than 1 point or more than 1 goal or puck.

Most often, the game market is chosen by betting shop customers for bets on the outcomes of hockey and football confrontations.

How to use this in sports betting

Players use the market before the game starts and for real-time play.

In the bookmaker's list, IT total 1 more can be found under different designations:

  • IT 1 (o);
  • IT1O;
  • ind total 1;
  • ind. total COM1;
  • individual total of the hosts.
The common abbreviations of the gaming market are IT O 1 and IT 1 O.

Beginners rarely bet on IT because they can't understand what individual total 1 more means and get confused about the market designations in the bookmaker's list.

Varieties of individual total markets from a performance value point of view:

  • whole totals allow for a return if the outcome of the event matches the total;
  • fractional - betting on the total with a fractional value does not provide for a return calculation and has increased odds.
Bookmakers do not use quarter values for IT.

Bookmakers offer an individual total more for the hosts within individual periods, quarters or halves.

For football matches, bookmakers offer up to 10 positions for IT, and for hockey - up to 20.

Betting examples: win, lose, and draw

To better understand what over 1 total means, it is necessary to consider the practical application of the gaming market.

The fan bet 1000 NGN on over 3 individual total 1 in the NHL match 'Calgary - Philadelphia' at odds 1.53. The calculation depends on the final effectiveness of the home team:

  • the hosts scored more than 3 goals - the client of the bookmaker won and got 1000 * 1.53 = 1530 NGN;
  • 'Calgary' scored exactly 3 goals - the bookmaker will calculate the bet as a draw: 1000 * 1 = 1000 NGN;
  • the hosts scored less than 3 goals - the bet is lost.
The game's final score, the confrontation's outcome, and the guests' effectiveness do not matter.

When calculating a bet on OITP, the bookmaker takes into account only the main time of the match. Goals scored in overtimes and final shots are not considered by betting offices.

Individual Total 1 Over Betting Strategy

Experienced bettors often utilize over/under total strategies when wagering on hockey and football matches.

Betting on Over in Football

The essence of the strategy is to identify a match where the home team are the underdogs. A match is suitable if it satisfies all the following conditions:

  • Odds for IT 1 O 1 not less than 1.70;
  • In the last 5 matches, the underdogs have not lost more than 2 matches with a clean sheet;
  • The last face-to-face meeting occurred no later than a year ago - updated team statistics can be found online.

Bettors place a bet on IT 1 O 1. Recommended money management strategies to use with this are 'Flat betting' or 'Fixed Profit'.

It's more promising to select matches within top European leagues such as English Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, or Serie A.

Betting on Over in Hockey

Given the fast-paced dynamics of hockey matches, sportsbook customers often place over/under bets on live hockey matches.

The strategy can be applied if the underdog team plays on the home ice.

The bettor bets on IT 1 O 1 in the first period. In case of a loss, the bettor doubles the stake and increases their bet size using the 'Chase' system. If the second bet loses, the bettor places a third bet on the market.

If the third bet also loses, the sportsbook customer ends the betting session and moves to another match.


ITO 1(1) – a popular betting market, often subject to reduced margins within the range of 7%.

Betting strategies for individual totals allow bookmaker users to increase their strike rate and profit over the long term.


What is an individual total 1 over bet?

A bet on IT1 over is a wager on the performance of the first team or athlete.

When is it appropriate to bet on Over 1 Individual Total?

The Individual Total Over (ITO) market is offered by bookmakers for various sports: basketball, soccer, hockey, tennis, and esports.

Experienced players recommend placing bets on an Individual Total of 1 for the underdog playing at home.

Can we rely on the individual total 1 over betting strategy?

The strategy doesn't guarantee profit but significantly reduces the risks of losing in the long run.


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