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Total Over 2.25 goals what it means in bet - TO 2.25 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

The bet "Total over 2.25" is an Asian type of market, 2 bets in 1 coupon: Over 2 and Over 2.5. The bookmaker will distribute the bet amount equally between each market and calculate it individually.

Players use Over 2.25 markets for betting on team performance in hockey and football matches.

What does Total Over 2.25 mean?

'Over 2.25' means that the expected productivity of the upcoming match is more than 2 goals or pucks. The peculiarity of the betting market is the possibility of calculating part of the bet as a return.

Part of over 2.25 provides for the possibility of a return if the match ends with a total of exactly 2 goals.

The Asian market is primarily intended for betting on the final score of the match, less often - on the total of a separate half or period.

Sometimes in the bookmaker's list, they show the over market (2.0;2.5).

Bookmakers do not list the Asian total for the number of yellow cards, shots on goal, or other statistical indicators.

Total 2.25 Over: What It Means in Football

The likelihood of a bet on Over 2.25 is high in football matches due to the low total indicator. The bookmaker's list presents the market in the 'Asian Total' block. In some bookmaker companies, fans place bets on the individual Asian Total.

A number of international bookmakers do not accept bets on Asian totals but provide the opportunity to place multiple bets on 1 match. Players can form an alternative coupon on their own: Over 2 and Over 2.5.

Newcomers rarely use the market, as they don't always understand what the Asian total of 2.25 more means.

Over 2.25 in Hockey

In hockey match listings, bookmakers rarely use Asian totals. Even if the bookmaker accepts bets on Asian scoring indicators, the 'Over 2.25' position is often absent in the hockey listings due to the minimum total value.

Betting on Over 2.25 in hockey is unprofitable due to low odds.

Comparison of Over 2.25 and Over 2.5

For a better understanding of what Over 2.25 total stands for, you can compare the Over 2.25 market with the classic betting market for totals - Over 2.5.

  • The coefficient on Over 2.25 is always lower than the quote on Over 2.5 - the Asian total implies increased security of the bet;
  • The principle of bet calculation – in a classic market Over 2.5, there are two possible outcomes: win or loss. Over 2.25 allows the possibility of a partial refund if the match ends with a total of 2;
  • The payout on Over 2.25 can be less than the betting amount.

Total Over 2.25 Betting Calculation Examples

A player places a bet on TO 2.25 with the odds of 1.65 for a total of 1000 NGN in the match «Ural – CSKA».

The bet consists of 2 bets:

  • TO 2.0 – for 500 NGN;
  • TO 2.5 – for 500 NGN.

If the match ends scoreless or with 1 goal, both bets lose.

If the match ends with a total of 2, the player will get a refund on the TO 2.0 market – 500 NGN will be credited to the client's account.

If three or more goals are scored, both bets win, and the client will receive a payout of 1650 NGN.

Bets on TO 2.25 can be calculated in advance if the specified result is achieved.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Opportunity to calculate part of the bet with a refund Complex calculation rules
Opportunity for early calculation Lower odds compared to the half total
Availability of the market in the lineup of most bookmakers  


What does over (O/U) 2.25 mean in sports betting?

O/U 2.25 is the Asian form of total betting. The bookmaker splits the amount of the bet into two parts – over 2.0 and over 2.5.

Why do players rarely bet on the TO 2.25 market?

Novice players often avoid this market due to its complex settlement terms.

In which sports can you bet on over 2.25?

Often, bookmaker clients place bets over 2.25 on football matches, rarely - on hockey confrontations.

Over 2.25 or Over (2.0;2.5) – what's the difference?

Over 2.25 and Over (2.0;2.5) — different ways of displaying the same betting market.


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