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Total Over 9.0 goals what it means in bet - TO 9.0 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

In the painting of bookmakers, users bet on a total 9 or more - betting on the number of effective actions or statistical indicators in a match, part of a meeting.

For the bet to pass, a minimum of 10 practical actions or statistical indicators is required.

The client of sportsbooks bets on the total with insurance. When the final indicator coincides with the market value, the bookmaker arranges a money refund with a coefficient of 1.00.

What does TO 9 mean and when does the bet win

In the record of the market TO (9) in the bookmaker's line, the symbols mean:

  • Т – total, type of market
  • O– abbreviation for the word «over»
  • 9 – market value
In addition, the market can contain the number 1 or 2, which indicates the hosts or guests in the game if the match is held on neutral territory - on the first and second teams in the bookmaker's list.

When calculating the bet, there are three possible outcomes. For example, the player made a bet with the odds of 5.60 on the total number of goals in a La Liga match between Barcelona and Espanyol for an amount of 900 rubles:

  • The teams scored 10 or more goals in the game – win: 900 * 5.6 = 5040 naira
  • When there are 9 goals in the match, the bookmaker will arrange a refund - the wagered 900 naira will be returned to the user's balance
  • The opponents scored 8 goals or less – loss

Bookmakers accept bets on TO (9) for part of the match – half in football, period in hockey, set in tennis. The market is included in the individual listing for the performance of the team or athlete, for example, on the number of points scored by a basketball player.

Total over 9 in football

In the list for the number of goals scored in football, TO (9) - is a rare market. Bookmakers include the market in the line if high-scoring teams are playing. A large number of balls is a common situation in amateur, youth and junior tournaments.

Bookmaker offices offer to bet on a total of over 9 in football on several statistical indicators:

  • corners;
  • shots on or on target;
  • fouls;
  • yellow cards.
When calculating a bet, the bookmaker considers the number of successful actions or statistical indicators only in regular time. For example, if the tenth corner is taken in extra time, the user will not receive a win.

Total Over 9 in Tennis

In tennis notation, you can bet on a total of over 9 in terms of:

  • games in a set;
  • double faults;
  • aces;
  • breakpoints.

For example, a betting shop client chose TO (9) in the listing for the number of games in a set and made a deal with a coefficient of 1.72 for 1700 naira.

Calculation options:

  • 10 games or more in a set – the bet wins 1700 * 1.72 = 2924 naira;
  • With exactly 9 games played in the set, the bookmaker returns the bet amount to the client;
  • If the tennis players determine the winner in 8 games or less, the user loses the bet.
For the bet to pass, it doesn't matter who wins the set or what the score in the set is.

Total over 9 in esports

In the listings for the results of esports competitions, bookmakers accept bets of over 9 in the additional listings for cyber football and cyber hockey tournaments. Users place bets on the number of goals scored or pucks thrown by virtual teams.

Over 9 Betting Strategies

The strategies for placing bets on Over 9 on a website or in a bookmaker's app depend on the chosen sport and statistic. For example, experienced players place bets on Over 9 on the number of corners in football when three factors coincide:

  • result-oriented and motivated teams with unresolved tournament tasks are playing - the fan is counting on attacking and open football;
  • the teams' attackers are tall; they often practice sending the ball into the box from a corner; defenders kick the balls out for corners;
  • in the previous 7-10 games, each opponent earned at least 5 corners.
When choosing a bookmaker, the user should evaluate the bonuses. Bookmakers offer free bets for registration or making a deposit, placing bets on a specific type of sport. In some companies, newcomers get a free bet using a promo code.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Over/Under (9) Bets

Advantages Disadvantages
Availability in the line of all bookmakers Rare market for goalscoring in football
Possibility to place a bet with insurance Odds are lower than for fractional and Asian totals
The exact score of the match, the winner of the match is not taken into account when calculating  


Total Over 9 (TO9) – offers promising betting opportunities on matches between evenly matched participants. This becomes particularly useful when exact forecasting is difficult and picking a straight winner is challenging. In such cases, it’s easier to predict the total number of score-worthy actions or statistical indicators. For instance, the number of goals scored in a hockey match or cards issued in a soccer game.

Total Over 9 (TO9) - is a bet with insurance. The user gets refunded the stated amount on the betting slip if the final score is 9 points or the number of games played.


What does over 9 total mean in the betting?

In the sportsbook, over 9 is a bet on the number of scoring events or statistical indicators in a game, part of a match.

In what case does a bet on over 9 win at a sportsbook?

A bet on TO (9) will bring the user profit if the participants of the competition show at least 10 influential events or statistical actions.

Why is the total over 9 bet called a whole market?

A bet on TO (9) is a whole market, the market value indicates that when calculating, there is an option to return the entire bet amount.

At what number of scored goals in football will a bet on total over 9 be calculated as a return?

The bookmaker will calculate a bet on Over (9) as a return when precisely 9 goals are scored in a football match.

What indicators can be bet on Over 9 in a football listing of a sportsbook?

In a football listing, bookmakers accept bets on Over 9 for the number of goals scored, fouls earned, corners, warnings, shots on target and on goal.


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