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Total Over 8.0 goals what it means in bet - TO 8,0 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

A bet on the total over is a market for sports betting. The term 'total' means 'outcome', or 'result'. A player who bets on the total makes a forecast for the total number of events in the match.

What does Over 8 mean and when is the bet won

Over 8 means that more than 8 events specified by the bookmaker will occur during the game. The bet will pass if the number of goals, throws, sets, removals and other measurable game actions exceeds the value of 8.

The coupon will be lost if the number of events is 7 or less.

The bookmaker will calculate the return of the best in a situation where the total number of events equals 8.

The main advantage of betting on Over 8 is high odds.

Total Over 8 in Football

The most common indicator for betting on Over in football is goals. High scoring is rare in traditional football; the market is infrequently observed on the lineup.

The bookmaker usually includes the position of Over 8 in the football line:

  • in the lineup on statistics - corners, shots on target;
  • in outright - individual result of a player or a club in the tournament;
  • in live closer to the end of the match if the teams show high activity in the game.

For example, in the match "Rostocker" versus "Heidenheim" in the 1/32 of the German Cup on August 13, 2023, the visitors showed a desire to win. The first half ended with a score of 0:5. The odds of Over 8 at the start of the second half exceeded 3.00 in betting offices.

In the 86th minute, "Heidenheim" made their 20th shot on target in the match and scored the eighth goal. The "Rostocker" players failed to take even a single shot on goal for the game. The result of the match was 0:8 in favour of "Heidenheim".

Total over 8 in tennis

The position TO 8 in tennis can be seen in the line for significant annual competitions. The total over 8 in tennis is available for bets on the number of aces, double faults, individual total on the number of games won by the underdog per match.

Total Over 8 in Esports

Clients of offshore bookmakers are placing bets on the total over 8 in the esports line, betting on the maximum combo-strikes sequence of a character in the computer combat Dead or Alive or the total round in eFootball.

Total Over 8 Betting Strategies

To increase the odds of winning using the over 8 markets, players utilize the following approaches:

  • predict based on the scoring statistics from previous matches;
  • betting live when the game has a high scoring rate.

Pros and Cons of Betting on Over 8

Pros Cons
High odds Limited sports events for betting
High risk level


TOTAL OVER 8 - is a bet on the outcome of a match. When placing a bet, a fan expects more than 8 game events during a certain period.

Bookmakers present high quotes on the market.

The basis of forecasting is a thorough study of statistics.


What is a bet on a total over 8?

A bet on Total Over 8 means that the number of goals or other game actions over some time will exceed the market value.

Is a return on TO 8 bet possible?

A return on the TO 8 market is provided if the number of events specified by the bookmaker is exactly 8.

What can you bet on TO 8 in tennis?

In tennis, they bet on a total of more than eight on double faults, aces, and individual total games won.

What is the main advantage of betting on a total over 8?

The main advantage of the over 8 market is high odds.


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