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Total Over 7.5 goals what it means in bet - TO 7.5 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

A total of 7.5 over is a market in the bookmaker's lineup that customers of sports betting companies use to bet on the performance of sports confrontations or statistical indicators.

Due to the inflated total figure, the market can mainly be encountered in small markets for betting on corners, throw-ins, shots on target or the bar, removals, and bench time.

Players rarely use TO 7.5 as a standalone market.

What does Over 7.5 mean

The bet on over 7.5 means that during the central time of the match, athletes will perform the target action 8 or more times, depending on the selected market. For instance, they would make 8 corners or score 8 or more points.

If the target action is performed fewer times, the bet will be lost.

The market does not provide for the possibility of calculation with a return.

Total over 7.5 in football

Bookmakers do not use a total over 7.5 in football for betting on team effectiveness. The position of TO 7.5 can often be found in the listing for betting on statistical indicators.

Betting shops list TO 7.5 among positions for bets on corners, shots on goal, and yellow cards.

Total Over 7.5 in Hockey

In rare cases, the position 'total over 7.5' in hockey can be found as bets on the classic total - the productivity of the confrontation. Usually, bookmakers use the market for bets on removals, shootouts, 1 on-1 exits and other small markets.

The position TO 7.5 is often present in the list of cyber hockey confrontations - virtual sports are more productive.

Over 7.5 in other sports

Bets on Over 7.5 can be found in handball, futsal, e-sports matches. Almost always, bookmakers use this market for statistical indicators betting.

Examples of calculating Total Over 7.5

The player bet on the total corners over 7.5 in the match 'Gremio – Bahia' with the odds of 1.13.

If both teams throughout the match score a total of 8 or more corners, the bet plays in favour of the bookmaker's client, otherwise, the bet loses.

When calculating bets, bookmakers only consider the central time of the matches.

The Vprognoze experts recommend studying the rules of betting in the selected sportsbooks before placing a bet.

The TO 7.5 market allows for the early settlement of bets in case of achieving the specified result.

Pros and Cons



Possibility of using the market for betting on statistics

Low level of popularity

Clear calculation principles

Overrated commission – 8% and more

Possibility of early settlement

Possibility of using for betting on different sports


Why don't bookmakers accept bets on the productivity of football matches on the TB 7.5 market?

There is no point in betting not on TB 7.5 in terms of productivity of football confrontations due to the low success rates of bets.

What are the main advantages of betting on over 7.5?

The advantage of using the over 7.5 market for betting is the ability to bet on statistics in various sports disciplines.

What is the disadvantage of the over 7.5 game market?

Bookmakers use the over 7.5 total for small markets, which are characterized by a higher level of commission from betting companies.


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