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Total Over 7.0 goals what it means in bet - TO 7.0 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

Total over 7 - a position for betting on the performance of sporting matches or achieving certain results in yellow cards, corners, throw-ins, and statistical indicators in different sports.

In most cases, instead of the 'Total over 7 (TO 7)' market, bookmakers list 'Total over 7.5 (TO 7.5)' - a market with a fractional value.

What does TO (7) mean?

The total over 7 means that the fan expects the market result more than 7 times during the game. For instance, a bet on TO 7 on Yellow Cards means that the referee will show a yellow card more than 7 times during the match.

If the result is reached more than 7 times, the bet wins. If less than 7 - the bet loses exactly 7 times - the bookmaker will calculate the bet with a coefficient of 1.00.

When calculating coupons with totals, most companies consider only the main playing time.

Before placing a bet, experts recommend examining the betting rules in the selected bookmaker.

Total Over7 in Football

In football, Total over 7 as a standalone betting market isn't typically used by bookmakers due to the inherently low-scoring nature of football matches. Bookies offer Over seven bets on statistical measures: yellow cards, corners, goalpost strikes.

Bookmakers seldom use Over (Total) with whole numbers in their listings.

Total Over 7 can be found in betting lists for hockey games for bets on the scoring outcome of the match.

Total Over (7) in Tennis

In the tennis listings, bookmakers do not use Over 7 market, the maximum number of sets in a match - 7 in case the athletes do not concede to each other.

Total over 7 in eSports

In the description of eSports confrontations, bookmakers set Total over 7 as the total of cards in CS:GO, Valorant, and Overwatch.

Bookmakers often use positions for total bets with a fractional part - 7.5, 6.5, 5.5.

Total Over Betting Strategies (7)

Betting strategies for over 7 totals do not exist due to the low popularity of this betting market. This market is used rarely, mainly when placing bets in real-time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Over 7 Bets

Advantages Disadvantages
Reduced commission for outcome-oriented bets Low level of popularity
Possibility of early settlement Lack of game strategies


In most cases, TO 7 is present in the bookmaker's line for betting on statistical indicators in various sports.


What is 'Total Over 7'?

O/U 7 or Total Over 7 is a betting position on the productivity or statistical indicators.

In which sports can you bet on "Over 7"?

You can bet on Over 7 in hockey, football, esports and other confrontations.

What is the main advantage of betting on 'Over 7'?

The main advantage of the 'Over 7' market is the early settlement of the coupon.

In which cases do bookmakers calculate bets on "Total over 7" as a refund?

The bookmaker calculates the bet as a refund if the specified result is achieved exactly 7 times during the main time of the confrontation.

Is it possible to bet on TO 7 in LIVE mode?

Bookmakers set a position in the list for betting in real time.


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