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Total Over 5.75 goals what it means in bet - TO 5.75 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

Asian total 5.75 over - a betting market for the efficiency of an upcoming or ongoing sports match.

Bookmakers take bets on TO 5.75 usually within the frame of hockey confrontations.

It's useful for novice players to understand what 'total 5.75 over' means to place winning bets on a popular kind of sport.

What does total over 5.75 mean?

The bet on TO 5.75 means 2 bets on the nearest performance indicator values: TO 5.5 and TO 6.0. The amount allocated for the game, the betting office will evenly distribute between bets on both market positions.

For example, a deal of 1000 NG on TO 5.75 corresponds to 2 bets: 500 NGN on TO 5.5 and 500 rubles on TO 6.0.

What does it mean in football total 5.75 more

In the football fixtures, the position for betting on a total of more than 5.75 is almost not used by bookmakers. To win the bet, football players must score at least seven goals during the match; otherwise, the bet will lose, or the bookmaker will calculate a partial loss.

The average total in football is 3; bookmakers do not put TO 5.75 in the market for football confrontations.

Over 5.75 in hockey

Bettors place Over 5.75 bets on hockey confrontations. The bookmaker will calculate the bet in favour of the client if the teams score at least 7 pucks during the central time of the match.

If precisely 6 pucks are scored, the bookmaker will refund half of the bet at an odds 1.00; if less than 6 – the bet loses.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Early settlement option Low popularity level
Low pass rate
Overrated bookmaker commission level
Complex settlement conditions
Absence of working betting strategies


What does a bet on TO 5.75 mean?

A bet on total over 5.75 corresponds to two separate bets: on TO 6.0 and TO 5.5.

What is the main disadvantage of the gaming market 'Total 5.75 more'?

The market has two negatives - a low level of popularity in bookmaker's offices and an increased margin level.


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