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Total Over 5.5 goals what it means in bet - TO 5.5 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

TO 5.5 is a popular betting market. If players don't know how to understand the total of more than 5.5, what the specifics of the market are, fans won't be able to make successful bets on the outcome.

What does Over 5.5 mean

Over 5.5 means that the teams or athletes will score at least 6 points in a game. Depending on the market, the bettor expects the teams to score 6 or more goals, give 6 corners, receive 6 yellow cards, or earn other indicators.

The popularity of the outcome depends on the score capability of the sport and the championship.

For example, the Over 5.5 market is rarely seen in football, while in hockey the total is a popular market.

What does Over 5.5 mean in football?

Football matches rarely show high scoring games. For instance, in the 2022/23 Premier League season, teams played 380 matches. Only in 28 matches did the clubs score 6 or more goals. For other championships, the scoring indicator did not exceed the average for the sport.

The Over 5.5 market is seen in football in the line-up for friendly matches or matches against teams that typically score many goals. Bookmakers place high odds on the outcome because the probability of winning is low.

Fans bet on Over 5.5 in live if the opponents have already scored 4-5 goals in the game.

In football, users often bet on Over 5.5 for statistical indicators, for example, on corners or yellow cards.

In the 2022/23 La Liga season, the average total of yellow cards was 4.83. The average number of cards in matches with Valencia and Sevilla exceeded 5.5 yellow cards.

Over 5.5 in hockey

Hockey is a more scoring sport than football. The odds on the total depend on the championship.

The KHL is a lower scoring league, the odds for Over 5.5 are high - starting from 2.50 in pre-match.

In the NHL, the number of goals scored is higher, the odds for Over 5.5 are lower - starting from 1.50.

Over 5.5 in other sports

In other sports disciplines, bookmakers rarely include Over 5.5 in the line-up for matches. Bookmakers highlight individual indicators in the line-up. For example, in tennis, when an obvious favorite is against an outsider, you can bet on the individual indicator of the outsider - Over 5.5 games won.

Examples of Over 5.5 Total Calculation

The Over 5.5 bet will win if the teams score at least 6 goals during the match. The outcome of the meeting does not matter.

For example, a betting office set a coefficient of 2.50 for Over 5.5 in the record for a hockey match. The user bet 1000 NGN.

Calculation options:

  • the teams scored 6 or more pucks, for example, the final score is 4:3 - the player will receive 1000 * 2.5 = 2500 NGN.;
  • the clubs scored less than 6 goals, for example, the meeting score is 2:3 – the bet will lose.
Bookmakers calculate bets on over 5.5 total bets with a return only if the match is canceled.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
High odds Unpopular outcome for football matches
Popular market in hockey


Over 5.5 total is a popular betting option in hockey. For matches in other sports, bookmakers include the outcome O(5.5) in the list for statistics and individual performances.



When does a bet total over 5.5 win?

The O/U 5.5 bet will win if competitors score 6 or more goals in a match.

What types of sports should I bet on over 5.5?

Betting on total over 5.5 is popular in hockey.

What indicators in football do bookmakers accept bets on TO 5.5?

In football, bookmakers accept bets on TO 5.5 for yellow cards, offsides, individual team indicators for corners and shots on goal.


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