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Total Over 5.0 goals what it means in bet - TO 5.0 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

In additional linesof bookmakers, users leave their forecasts for the productivity of matches, choosing the number of statistical indicators. A popular market in the sections is TO (5).

Sportsbooks clients need to understand what total 5 more means - an option of betting with insurance to minimize risks when playing. In addition to winning and losing, a coupon calculation with a return is possible, when a bookmaker will transfer the placed amount to the player's account.

What does 'Over 5' mean


In the bookmaker's betting line, the over market is recorded as Over 5, where:

  • O - stands for Over, a type of bet on the number of results or statistical indicators;
  • 5 - is the value set for the over/under.

Total Over 5 in football

In the football line, betting on TO (5), bookmakers include in the event list for matches between highly productive teams or in a meeting of a clear favourite with a good offence against an outsider with a weak defensive line.

For a win, the fan expects the rivals to finish the meeting with at least six goals. If four or fewer balls are scored, the bookmaker's client will lose money. If opponents score precisely 5 times, the bookmaker will calculate the market with a coefficient of 1.00 and return the amount to the player's account.

Understanding what Total Over 5 in football means is necessary for bettors when placing sports bets on stats.

Bookmakers include the market in the list for the number of:

  • corners;
  • fouls;
  • yellow cards;
  • goal attempts on and off target, goal kicks;
  • throw-ins;
  • offsides.

When choosing statistical markets, users bet on the result of the entire game and the first or second half, placing bets on statistical indicators of both teams and only one team.

Total Over 5 in Ice Hockey


Hockey games tend to be more dynamic than football matches. The Over 5 market can be found in lines for any game.

Before placing a bet, a sportsbook user needs to understand what over 5 total in hockey means. The bet will be profitable if the teams score at least 6 goals. In the case of 5 successful shots, the customer gets the bet back to their account. If the game ends with a low score, 4 goals or less, the bet is lost.

Understanding what over 5 total in hockey means is important when selecting statistical indicators of a match. Bookmakers include this market in the line for:

  • penalty minutes incurred;
  • face-offs won;
  • shots on goal;
  • goalkeeper saves.

Over 5 in Other Sports

When placing sports bets, it's essential to understand what Over (O) 5 means, especially for tennis enthusiasts.

In a set, the battle goes to at least 6 won games. In 1 set, at least one tennis player is guaranteed to win in 5 games.

Both competitors can reach the total if the final score in the set is 7:5 or if the winner is decided in a tie-break.

Users often encounter this market in futsal betting lines. Futsal typically yields more goals than hockey, and most of the time, bookmakers offer bets on Over (5) at the end of the match, with the odds around 1.50.

In a baseball match, bookmaker's clients place bets on the total number of runs in the game. Teams typically score 5 points or more in most matches. Bookmakers offer relatively low odds - less than 1.30.

When high-scoring teams are playing, users often bet on an individual total of more than 5 for one of the teams.

Examples of over 5 total calculations

An example of betting on a total of over 5 in football. In the PSG vs Le Havre match, the user places a bet of 1,600 NGN on Over (5) with odds of 2.25. There are three possible outcomes for the event:

  • The teams collectively scored a total of 6 goals or more by the end of the match - the gambler has won the bet: 1600 * 2.25 = 3600 NGN;
  • 5 goals scored - the bookmaker will settle the ticket with an odds of 1.00 and return the placed amount to the user's balance, for instance, if the final score of the game is 3:2, 5:0 or 4:1;
  • 4 goals or fewer were scored in the match - the bet did not play out, and the bookmaker’s client lost the staked money.

Over (5) - is the opposite of Under (5). To pass the total loss, the user needs a maximum of 4 scored goals. The bookmaker returns the money to the client at 5 goals. If 6 goals or more are scored - the bet is lost.

Whole totals - are bets with insurance. It's beneficial to include these markets in express coupons. If the indicator in the match matches the total value, the final odds of the express will be lower, but the coupon will not be lost.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Availability of all bookmakers in the list Odds on whole markets are lower than on fractional ones
Reduced likelihood of losing accumulators
Possibility of getting a refund


How do bookmakers calculate the total over 5?

The TO (5) bet at a bookmaker will win if the opponents show a minimum of 6 practical actions. With 5 goals scored or pucks thrown, the bookmaker will arrange a return. If the number of practical actions is 4 or less, the bet loses.

When should I bet on over 5 goals total?

You should bet on over 5 goals total in a match of high-scoring opponents when you are confident of a large number of goals or pucks scored. The whole market allows you to take out insurance and not lose money if the opponents score only 5 goals.

What's the difference between betting on Over 5 and Over (5.5)?

Over 5 is an exact market. Aside from a successful bet or a loss, the user may return their staked amount if exactly 5 scoring actions take place in the match.

Over (5.5) is a fractional market. The bet will win at a minimum of 6 goals and will lose if the number of scored goals is 5 or less.


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