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Total Over 4.25 goals what it means in bet - TO 4.25 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

Over 4.25 - a variant of Asian total with three calculation options.

It's useful for fans to know what Over 4.25 total means when to place bets on Over 4.25, and in which cases a bookmaker will calculate the bet with a partial refund.

What does Total Over 4.25 mean

Total Over 4.25 – is a type of Asian or quarter total. The bookmaker splits the bet amount into 2 equal parts – Over 4.0 and 4.5. Some bookmakers denote Over 4.25 as a two-fold value – Over (4.0; 4.5) in their listings.

The bet provides for three calculation options:

  • win;
  • loss;
  • partial loss with a refund of half the bet amount.
Asian totals are a minor market among Russian and European fans due to the difficulty of understanding and calculating.

Bookmakers accept bets on quarter totals only on the match result or a specific period. 

What does Over 4.25 mean in football?

In calculating bets on totals in football, bookmakers only consider the result of regulation time. In cup matches, goals scored in overtime and a series of penalties are not included in the bet calculations.

In the 2022/23 season of the English Premier League, out of 380 games, athletes scored five or more goals in 64 matches – 17% of matches or every sixth game. Predicting a high-scoring football match is challenging – the odds for Over 4.25 in football are high. The bookmakers will only offer low quotes for the market in matches between teams of different classes; for example, if 'Bayern' is playing against a team from the Second Bundesliga in the German Cup.

Total Over 4.25 – is a betting option when a player expects a high-scoring match but wants to hedge the bet.

Asian Total 4.25 in Ice Hockey

The scoring in ice hockey is higher than in football. The statistics for the 2022/23 season show that in the KHL, clubs averaged – 4.92 goals per match, and in the NHL – 6.09.

The odds for Over 4.25 in ice hockey are low.

For some NHL matches, bookmakers don't offer the option for a Total Over 4.25 due to the expectation of a large number of goals scored.

Example of a Total over 4.25 bet calculation

The 'CSKA - Ak Bars' match will take place on September 1, 2023 in the KHL. The bookmaker gives the odds of 1.66 for the outcome of the total over 4.25. With a bet of 1000 Naira, the betting shop will place 500 Naira on the outcome TO 4.0 and 500 Naira - on TO 4.5.

Variants of the bet calculation:

  • the teams scored 5 or more goals - the bet won, the fan will receive 1000 * 1.66 = 1660 Naira;
  • the opponents scored less than 4 pucks - the bet lost;
  • 4 goals were scored in the meeting - a partial loss on the bet on TO 4.5; the bookmaker will return to the fan's account 500 Naira - will calculate the mark TO 4.0 with a quote of 1.00.

Why it doesn't make sense to bet on OVER 4.25?

The Asian total is an unpopular market in legal bookmakers in Nigeria, bookmakers set a high margin on quarter totals.

In the match "CSKA - Ak Bars", the bookmaker offers the odds of 1.66 for a total of more than 4.25, and with a bet of 1000 Naira, the player will receive 1660 Naira.

If you bet 500 Naira each on outcomes OVER 4.0 with the odds of 1.48 and OVER 4.5 with a quote of 1.87, the total winnings will be 500 * 1,48 + 500 * 1,87 = 1675 Naira.

If the teams score four goals in the match, the bookmaker will return the 500 Nair abet on OVER 4 to the fan. 

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Returns half the bet if 4 goals are scored in the match Difficulty of understanding calculations for beginners
Futility of betting from a mathematical point of view due to high margin
Listed only for popular meetings


Total over 4.25 - allows securing half the bet. If exactly 4 goals are scored in the match, bookmakers will return half the bet amount.

Because of the high margin, it is not profitable to bet on TO 4.25. Experienced players place separate bets on TO 4.0 and 4.5.


What does the TB 4.25 bet mean?

When betting on a total over 4.25, the betting office will put half the sum on TO 4.0, the second part – on TO 4.5.

What will happen if exactly 4 goals are scored in the match?

If 4 goals are scored in the match, the bookmaker will return half of the bet amount on the Over 4.25 market to the client's account.

In what types of sports can you bet on TO 4.25?

Legal bookmakers accept bets on TO 4.25 for football and hockey confrontations.


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