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Total Over 3.5 goals what it means in bet - TO 3.5 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

At sportsbooks, the total 3.5 over is a popular market from the main and additional listings. To win a bet, a fan expects a minimum of 4 effective actions or statistical indicators in a match or part of a meeting - a football half, a basketball quarter, a tennis set, or a hockey period.

Bookmakers accept bets on totals of 3.5 for most of sports.

What Total Over 3.5 Means

In order to place winning bets at a bookmaker's office, a client must understand what the total over 3.5 means. The number in the market indicates the amount of actions needed to win the bet. When calculating the coupon, there are 2 options:

  • win with 4 or more goals or other successful actions;
  • loss with 3 or fewer scored pucks or other successful actions.

Users bet on a total of over 3.5 for various statistical markets. Depending on the sport, the number can refer to the amount of warnings, corners, penalty minutes, rebounds, or interceptions.

What does Over 3.5 mean in football

In football, over 3.5 refers to a bet on at least 4 goals scored in a game. This is a high-scoring outcome for most football championships; bookmakers offer clients to place bets on over 3.5 at high odds – from 2.00.

Top-tier matches often take place in national championships in Germany the Netherlands.

Bookmakers include the market not only for goals scored. Players place bets on the number of:

  • warnings;
  • fouls;
  • offsides;
  • shots on and off target.

In a betting company, you can place a bet on the number of actions in the first or second half or in a period. For example, the number of throw-ins from the 1st to the 10th minute.

In the betting company, customers bet on the total number of actions or the result of one of the teams. The bet on over 3.5 cards for the hosts will win if the team chosen by the user receives at least four warnings.

Over 3.5 in Ice Hockey

The average scoring in hockey is higher compared to football. Over 3.5 for the outcome of a match in most cases, will win; bookmakers offer low odds - no higher than 1.20.

Players can place a high-rate bet on over 3.5 for the outcome of a separate period. Bets on individuals over 3.5 of the hosts or the guests are popular.

In the book for statistical indicators, bookmaker clients choose the number of:

  • penalty minutes;
  • throws;
  • won face-offs;
  • shots on target.

A user must understand what over 3.5 means when choosing the most productive period - a market in the hockey book when the fan bets on the minimum number of pucks in the most productive 20 minutes.

TO 3.5 in Basketball

In basketball, opponents score dozens of points per match and each separate quarter - the TO 3.5 market can be found in the layout for individual statistics for certain basketball players - for the results of the whole match or a specific quarter.

For example, a betting company client bets on the number of:

  • rebounds;
  • interceptions;
  • assists;
  • points scored;
  • turnovers;
  • 3-point shots.

Comparison of Over 3.5 vs Over 3


The difference between fractional and integer markets lies in the number of outcome variants when calculating a coupon. A player should understand what Over 3.5 total goals mean and how it differs from an Over 3 goals bet.

If a user chooses a fractional market, the bet can only win or lose. When placing a bet on an integer market, a third option arises - a return. If the number of goals matches the selected total value, the bookmaker calculates the bet with the odds of 1.00 and sends the bet amount back to the client's account.

An example of an integer market is an Over 3 bet at a quote of 2.36 in the Spartak vs Zenit match. The bettor expects both opponents to score at least 4 goals in the match.

If 3 goals are scored, the bookmaker will process a return – transferring the amount bet on the event back to the user's balance.

In the case of a goalless draw, 1, or 2 goals scored, the bet loses.

Examples of Over 3.5 Total Calculation

To understand, what the total of over 3.5 in football means, an illustrative example of a deal calculation helps.

A betting company's customer placed 750 NGN with odds of 2.19 on over 3.5.

Calculation options:

  • if 4 or more goals are scored in the game - the bet won: 2.19 * 750 = 1642.5 NGN, that's what the customer earned;
  • the bet will lose if 3 or less goals are scored. The user loses the amount placed.

Understanding what the total goals over 3.5 mean helps the user to place bets with beneficial odds, when a pre-match analysis doesn't allow to identify the favourite of the encounter, but it is possible to forecast the high or low scoring of the confrontation.

The opposite situation when betting on under 3.5 - the user will win if the teams score no more than 3 goals.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Popularity in betting Low probability of winning football bets
High odds In betting on almost all disciplines, apart from football and hockey, a 3.5 total bet can only be placed on statistics
Acceptance of bets in live and prematch
It does not matter which team wins to get the payoff


What is a total over 3.5 bet in the bookmaker's line?

A total over 3.5 bet at a bookmaker is a bet on the number of scoring actions or statistical indicators in a match. For example, goals scored in football, face-offs won in hockey, aces served in tennis.

In which case does a bet on total over 3.5 win at a betting office?

A bet on TO 3.5 is profitable for the user with a minimum of 4 scoring actions in the match or part of the meeting.

What's the difference between total over 3.5 and total under 3.5 in the list for the number of goals scored in football?

For a bet on Over 3.5 to pass, teams score at least 4 goals. To realize a profit after betting on Under 3.5, the tipster expects no more than 3 goals to be scored.

What is the difference between betting on total over 3.5 and total over 3?

'Total Over 3.5' is a fractional market bet. The outcome can either be a win or a loss. With a 'Total Over 3' bet, there is an additional option of a return. If exactly 3 goals are scored in the match, the bookmaker will calculate the bet with a coefficient of 1.00 and return the amount placed by the user to their account.


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