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Total Over 2.75 goals what it means in bet - TO 2.75 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

The total is over 2.75 - an option of the Asian total. Beginners do not like to bet on Asian totals - the bet has three calculation options. It is helpful for players to know what a total bet over 2.75 means to understand how a bookmaker calculates a quarter total, and in which cases it is worth making a bet on over 2.75.

What does over 2.75 goals mean?

Over 2.75 goals – it's a bet that more than three goals will be scored in the match. The fractional value of the total shows that the bet is divided into 2 halves- over 2.5 and 3.0.

For instance, if you bet 200 NGN on over 2.75, 100 rubles will be placed on over 2.5 and the other half – on over 3.0.

A part of the bet goes to the integer total – Over 2.75 Futures bet has three options for calculation:

  • win;
  • loss;
  • partial win.
Some bookmakers indicate Asian totals in the match description with double values, for example, Over (2.5; 3.0). The approach makes it easier to understand the market value for new players.

Example Calculation of Total Over 2.75

The match "Manchester City – Arsenal" will take place within the framework of the English Super Cup on August 6, 2023. The bookmaker provides an odds of 1.89 on the outcome of total over 2.75.

When betting 1000 NGN, the bookmaker will put 500 NGN on the outcome TO 2.5 and 500 NGN - on TO 3.0.

Options for calculating the bet TO 2.75:

  • the teams score less than 3 goals – loss;
  • more than 3 goals – win, the bookmaker will transfer 1000 * 1.89 = 1890NGN to the client;
  • clubs score 3 goals – partial win, the player will receive 500 * 1.89 + 500 * 1 = 1445 NGN.

Rules for calculating Over 2.75 in accumulator bets

When a player adds a total of over 2.75 to an accumulator bet, the bookmaker calculates the bet using the principles of Asian total - the stake is divided into 2 halves. The first half goes to the accumulator containing the selection Over 2.5, and the second goes to the accumulator with the outcome Over 3.0.

If the ticket contains 2 outcomes of Over 2.75, the company will divide the bet amount into 4 accumulators.

The more Asian totals are on the ticket, the more parts the bookmaker divides the accumulator into.

The number of parts can be calculated using the formula 2n, where n is the number of outcomes with Asian totals.

The calculation of the trade share with a quote of 1.00 reduces the total coefficient of the accumulator, but it does not lead to losing the entire bet.

What does TB 2.75 mean in football

Bookmakers calculate bets on totals based on the results of standard time. If the match involves determining a winner, for example, in cup matches, the bookmaker does not include the goals scored in overtime and penalty shootouts when calculating a bet.

The Premier League statistics for the 2022/23 season show that on average, more than 2.75 goals are scored in each match involving 11 teams, and another 3 teams' indicators are close to this value.

A popular total in football is 2.5 goals. Bookmakers offer low odds for TO 2.5 in high-scoring teams' matches. The bookmaker may calculate the TO 3.0 bet as a refund. A deal with more than 2.75 is a compromise that offers increased odds and only a partial refund of the bet if the opponents score exactly 3 goals.

Asian total 2.75 in ice hockey

The average performance in hockey is higher than in football.

For example, in the 2022/23 season in the KHL, on average, in each game, opponents scored 4.92 pucks in the NHL – 6.09.

In the mural on hockey matches, bookmakers give the total result of more than 2.75 with a low coefficient or ignore the market in the mural.

You can bet on TO 2.75 with a high coefficient in the NHL on the period's performance. In the KHL in prematch, the total outcome is more than 2.75 in the period that is not provided.

Strategies for Total Over 2.75 Bets

Players use the total over 2.75 in football betting strategies to increase the odds if the odds for Over 2.5 are low.

Factors that forecasters pay attention to when choosing matches:

  • the productivity of the opponents;
  • athletes' motivation;
  • current form of the leaders;
  • history of personal confrontations;
  • match venue.

For example, the match "Manchester City – Arsenal" for the English Super Cup is a good option for a bet on Over 2.75. Last season, both teams showed high productivity – 3.34 and 3.45 goals on average per game. More than 3 goals were scored in both regular-season personal meetings.

English teams consider the Super Cup meeting as an exhibition match. Do not expect teams to play for the result. Both coaches will be testing line-ups and schemes before the start of a new regular season – fans expect a large number of goals in the upcoming game.

Bookmakers give a rate of 1.80 for the outcome of Over 2.5, on Over 2.75 – 1.89. The fan can increase the amount of potential winnings without the risk of loss.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Higher coefficient than the over 2.5 market Difficulty in understanding the calculation
Return of half the bet if exactly 3 goals are scored in the game High margin compared to classic totals
  Presence in the lineup only for popular matches


The bet on total 2.75 is a way to increase the odds when betting on the outcome of a football match.

In hockey, it is difficult to find an outcome of TO 2.75 in the match listing due to the high scoring discipline.


What does the bet over 2.75 mean?

The over 2.75 bets will be divided by the bookmaker into two parts: over 2.5 and over 3.0, and will place equal parts of the bet on both markets.

In which case will the player receive a partial refund on a total over 2.75 bet?

The bookmaker will calculate the total bet over 2.75 with a partial refund if exactly 3 goals are scored in the match.

How is the total over 2.75 calculated in an express bet?

When a TO 2.75 outcome is included in an express bet, the bookmaker will divide the bet into 2 parts. The first half will be an express bet with a TO 2.5 outcome, and the second half will be an express bet with a TO 3.0 outcome.


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