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Total Over 1.75 goals what it means in bet - TO 1.75 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

What does over 1.75 mean


It is helpful for players to know what a total of over 1.75 means to enrich their betting market.

The market entry in the bookmaker's ledger is over (1.75), where:

  • T – total, a type of market that represents a bet on the number of productive actions or statistical indicators;
  • O – a shortening of the word "over", indicating the player's win if the final result of the match exceeds the number in the market;
  • 1.75 – the total value.
In bookmaker line-ups, the Asian market is always divisible – 0.25 or 0.75.

Experienced bettors bet on the market when they are unsure about the passage of the selected total. The Asian market allows for insurance. The bookmaker divides the amount placed between over (1.5) and over (2).

Possible calculations using the example of a football match:

  • teams scored 3 or more goals – the bet wins;
  • with 2 goals scored, half of the bet wins, and the bookmaker will arrange a refund for the other part;
  • with 1 goal scored or no goals, the bet loses.

If the analyst is not sure about the prediction of the match outcome, a bet on the Asian market is more profitable compared to whole and fractional markets. When calculating a deal on the whole total of over 1.5, 2 outcomes are possible:

  • a win with 2 or more goals;
  • a loss with 1 goal scored or a clean sheet.
The fractional market does not provide the opportunity to get insurance.

When making a bet on the whole market over 2, there are 3 calculation options:

  • win with 3 or more goals scored;
  • refund with 2 goals;
  • loss if the opponents scored once, or the match ended with a score of 0:0.
If the number of productive actions in a match corresponds to the total value, the Asian market will bring profits, unlike the whole one.

For example, in a Champions League qualifier between "Zeleznicar" and "Dynamo" (Minsk), a bookmaker's customer placed a bet on over (2) for 900 rubles at odds of 1.71. If the teams score twice, the bookmaker will calculate the bet with odds of 1.00 and return 900 NGN to the client's account.

If you put a similar amount on over (1.75) at odds of 1.53, the bookmaker will divide the bet between over (1.5) and over (2) in equal parts – 450 NGN each.

The user will profit with 2 goals scored – a passage through over (1.5) and a return of over (2): 450 * 1.53 + 450 * 1 = 1138.5 NGN. Net profit – 238.50 NGN.

What does total over 1.75 mean in football?


In betting, the event list for Asian markets is popular in football lines. Bookmaker's clients place bets on a total of over 1.75 in football, betting on the number of goals at the end of the meeting, the first or second half, on the scoring of one of the teams.

Total Over 1.75 in hockey

In hockey, teams score more goals per game compared to football, betting companies offer to bet on Over (1.75) at the end of a single period. Users place bets on the individual productivity of hosts or guests in the match or in the period.

Asian total (1.75) in other disciplines

To understand what a total of 1.75 more is, consider when placing bets on other sports. Bookmakers include the Asian market in the listing for the number of:

  • games, sets, aces in tennis;
  • parties, blocks, and match points in volleyball.

The 'Total over one seventy-five' market is famous in express bets. When placing a combination bet, it is necessary for all events to be held to profit. When the number of practical actions or statistical indicators aligns with the total value, the final express coefficient decreases; however, the bet does not lose.

Example of over 1.75 total calculation

One can look at this example to understand what over 1.75 total means in football or any other sport.

In the English Premier League match 'Arsenal' - 'Nottingham Forest', a user places a bet of 2500 NGN on the individual OV (1.75) of the home team with a coefficient of 1.38. The gambling organizer splits the bet into two parts, 1250 NGN each for TO (1.5) and TO (2).

Calculation scenarios:

  • 'Arsenal' scored at least three goals - both halves of the bet won: 2500 * 1.38 = 3450 NGN.
  • 'Arsenal' scored twice - half the bet wins, and the bookmaker will make a refund on the other half: 1250 * 1.38 + 1250 * 1 = 2975 NGN.
  • 'Arsenal' couldn't score or score against 'Nottingham' only once - the bet loses.

In the case of calculating the opposite market, UN (1.75), the bookmaker will make a refund of only part of the bet amount. For example, a player places 3000 NGN on under 1.75 total in the first half of a 'Rostov' - 'Flare' match with a coefficient of 1.29. The bookmaker splits the bet amount between UN (1.5) and UN (2) for 1500 NGN.

Calculation scenarios:

  • the score at halftime - 0:0 or 1 goal scored in the first half of the match - the spectator wins: 3000 * 1.29 = 3870 NGN.
  • 2 goals were scored in the first half - UN (1.5) lost, the bookmaker will make a refund on UN (2): 1500 * 0 + 1500 * 1 = 1500 NGN.
  • Three goals or more were scored before halftime - the bet loses.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Availability of all bookmaker's offices in the list Rare presence in the list for most sports, except for football and hockey
Bet with insurance Difficulty of calculations for beginners
Reduction of the likelihood of losing a parlay  


How do bookmakers calculate the total over 1.75 bet in football?

Betting on a total over 1.75 in football will win if 3 or more goals are scored.

If 2 goals are scored, half of the bet will be successful, and the bookmaker will refund the second half.

No goals or 1 goal scored means the loss of the bet amount.

When should you bet on a total more than 1.75 in a bookmaker's office?

Experienced players bet on a total more than 1.75 in bookmaker's offices when they are not sure of the high scoring of the meeting, but they are convinced of at least 2 goals scored.

What's the difference between over 1.75 total and over 1.5 total?

Over 1.75 (O 1.75) is an Asian market. Apart from winning and losing, there is a possibility that the bet will be calculated when half of the stake brings profit, and the second part of the bet will be calculated as a return by the bookmaker.

Over 1.5 (O 1.5) is a fractional market. The bet wins if 2 or more goals are scored, loses with 1 scored goal, or with a 0:0 score.


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