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Total Over 1.25 goals what it means in bet - TO 1.25 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

The Over 1.25 goals is a type of total betting market in which the bookmaker splits the bet evenly between Over 1 and Over 1.5.

You can place bets on Over 1.25 in football and hockey games.

The main feature of betting on Over 1.25 is the possibility of a partial refund if exactly 1 goal is scored or only 1 puck is thrown.

What does Over 1.25 mean

Asian total over 1.25 is a bet made by a player on total over 1 and total over 1.5 simultaneously, the bookmaker calculates bets separately.

Betting company clients bet on the total goals scored in football or thrown pucks in hockey.

When calculating the bet on the team's total, it doesn't matter who scores - the important thing is that a goal is scored.

Possible outcomes of the bet:

  • teams scored 2 times or more - win;
  • 1 goal is scored - a loss of over 1.5 and a return of over 1;
  • The teams did not score - loss.

Bookmakers offer several types of markets in football - total game score, team individual total, and first or second-half total.

In hockey, the total 1.25 market is rare due to the high scoring nature of the discipline; it's not available in all bookmakers. Some bookmakers offer bets on over 1.25 in periods.


Examples of Over 1.25 Total Calculation

Market calculation examples will help you understand what the total over 1.25 means - a bet on both Over 1 and Over 1.5 at the same time.

A player made a bet of 500 NGN on Over 1.25 in the match "Rostov" vs "Nizhny Novgorod" with odds of 1.20. The company will split the amount into 2 bets:

  • Over 1 - 250 NGN;
  • Over 1.5 - 250 NGN.

Possible outcomes:

  • teams scored 2 or more goals - payout: 500 * 1.2 = 600 NGN;
  • the rivals only scored 1 goal - Over 1.5 lost and Over 1 returned: 250 * 1 = 250 NGN;
  • neither team scored - loss.

The bookmaker's client placed 1000 NGN on over 1.25 in the second period of the match "Neftekhimik" vs "Ak Bars" with odds of 1.61. The bookmaker split the bet into 2 parts:

  • Over 1 - 500 NGN;
  • Over 1.5 - 500 NGN.

Possible scenarios:

  • teams scored at least 2 goals in the second period - payout: 1000 * 1.61 = 1610 NGN;
  • the opponents scored only 1 time in the second period - Over 1.5 lost, Over 1 returned: 500 * 1 = 500 NGN;
  • neither team scored - loss.
The most important thing when making a bet on Over 1.25 is to take into account the effectiveness of the chosen teams, either side or opponents in sure halves or periods, depending on the type of bet chosen.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Possibility of partial bet refund on 1 goal Low odds on the outcome of a whole football match
Favorable odds on individual total, period or half total Rare availability of market in hockey listing
The availability of football market at most bookmakers


Betting on the Asian total of 1.25 in most football matches is irrational due to low odds.

An interesting option looks to be betting on a football total of 1.25 or higher for an individual team or by the end of the half.

In hockey, a bet on an over (O) 1.25 for a given period can be profitable in the long run.


What does the total bet over 1.25 mean?

Total 1.25 Over – a bet simultaneously on 2 nearest totals – Over 1 and Over 1.5, the bookmaker calculates each bet separately.

Is it profitable to bet on total more than 1.25?

Placing bets on the classic overall total of 1.25 for the entire match is unprofitable due to low quotes.

Betting on an individual total more than 1.25 and a total more than 1.25 for a half or a period can be profitable in the long run.

When does a partial return of the total 1.25 more often occur?

The bookmaker will return half of the bet to the client if exactly 1 goal was scored in the match.


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