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Total Over 1.25 goals what it means in bet - TO 1.25 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

Over 1.25 total – is a popular market in football. When placing a bet on the outcome, the player simultaneously bets on 2 totals - total over 1 and total over 1.5, the calculation takes place separately.

It's crucial for beginners to know what the over 1.25 total means in football and how to calculate bets, in order to make winning bets on popular markets.

What is Over 1.25 Goals in Soccer

Over 1.25 goals in soccer is a type of Asian total. The bookmaker divides the bet amount equally between the nearest Over 1 and Over 1.5.

Most often, players bet on an individual total of more than 1.25 goals. Clients of bookmakers make deals on the total less often due to too low coefficients.

Bets on Over 1.25 can be made based on the results of the entire match or a separate half. Quotes for the market in the first or second half are higher.

The main advantages of the market are higher quotes compared to Over 1 and lower risks compared to Over 1.5, the opportunity for a partial return in case of 1 goal.


When a Total Over 1.25 bet wins in football

A Total Over 1.25 bet in football implies various scenarios:

  • win - the teams scored at least 2 goals;
  • Over 1.5 losses, Over 1 refunded - exactly 1 goal was scored;
  • loss - the teams didn't score.
To win a Total Over 1.25 bet, the teams must score at least 2 goals.

ITO 1.25 in football will win if the selected team successfully attacks the opponent's goal 2 times or more.

Calculation Examples

An example of a transaction calculation will help beginners better understand the total of more than 1.25 - what it is in football, and under what conditions the bet will win.

The user bets 1000 NGN on a total of more than 1.25 in the first division match "Akron" versus "KAMAZ" with a coefficient of 1.29. The gambling organizer will divide the client's bet into 2 parts:

  • TO (Total Over) 1 - 500 NGN;
  • TO (Total Over) 1.5 - 500 NGN.

Possible outcomes:

  • 2 goals or more scored - payout: 1000 * 1.29 = 1290 NGN;
  • the opponents scored exactly 1 ball - loss of TO 1.5 and return of TO 1: 500 * 1 = 500 NGN;
  • teams finished the match with a clean sheet - the bet is lost.
When calculating, the bookmakers take into account only the primary and compensated time of the half or meeting without overtime.

Over 1.25 in football express bet

Total Over 1.25 in football has some unique calculation features in express bets. When adding an Asian total to the express, the bookmaker divides the bet considering Over 1 and Over 1.5 and calculates each half separately.

For example, a user has built a bet slip with 3 outcomes and bet 1000 NGN:

  • Over 1.25 “Levadiakos” - “OFI Crete” with odds of 1.33;
  • Double Chance “Torpedo” - “Ural” with odds 1.26;
  • Double Chance “Akhmat” - “Lokomotiv” with odds of 1.70.

The bookmaker will split the bet slip into 2 express bet slips with Over 1 and Over 1.5 for 500 rub each. Possible calculation options for an express bet with an Asian total, given other events are won:

  Number of Goals in the “Levadiakos” - “OFI Crete” Match Result Payout, NGN
Win 2 or more Win 1000 * 1.33 * 1.26 * 1.7 = 2849
Partial refund and loss Exactly 1 Loss of the first part with Over 1.5, calculation of the second half considering the return on Over 1 500 * 1 * 1.26 * 1.7 = 1071
Total loss Loss

Total Over 1.25 in football allows making a bet with higher odds relative to Over 1 and with lesser risks relative to Over 1.5.

The odds on the total match score are low; experienced players bet on the individual total of Over 1.25 or total of Over 1.25 in halftime.


What is over Asian total 1.25?

Over 1.25 is a type of total, in which the bookmaker distributes the player's bet evenly between over 1 and over 1.5 and calculates each bet separately.

What are the more calculation options for the total 1.25 bet?

There is full winnings, partial loss and return, or full loss provided for the over 1.25 bet.

Which bookmakers to bet on total 1.25 more?

Most bookmakers take bets on total 1.25 more.


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