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Total of the Least Productive Period Over than 0.5

The total of the least productive period is an unpopular market in the provisioning for hockey confrontations. Bookmakers do not always accept bets on this market and often inflate the commission - players rarely use betting on the total of the unproductive period for long-term play.

Beginners often don't understand the nature of the game market and the principles of calculation, so betting on the total of the least productive period is not popular among players.

What it is

The total of the least productive period is a market for bets on the productivity of a hockey period with the lowest total value.

When calculating bets, bookmakers take into account the main time of the period and compensated time. Added time and overtimes are not counted by bookmakers.

Designation in Sportsbook Platform

The market does not have a special designation in the listing of bookmakers; the market is often called - "Total of the least productive period".

The average commission level of BC on the market is 8-10%.

Concept of the least scoring period in Ice Hockey

A hockey match is played in a format of 3 periods of 20 minutes each. The period with the smallest total is called the most unproductive.

  Period I Period II Period III
Score 1:2 1:1 0:4
Total Score 3 2 4

The most unproductive period of the match is the second, during which the teams scored the least number of goals.

Understanding the Least Scoring Period in Basketball

In basketball matches, there aren't periods, the confrontations are in a format of 2 halves, which consist of 2 quarters of either 10 or 12 minutes, depending on the tournament.

Bookmakers do not accept bets on the total non-scoring quarter or half, but players can bet on the highest scoring intervals of the match.

In NBA and many Asian championships, the duration of a quarter in basketball is 12 minutes; in European national tournaments, it's 10 minutes.

How to bet on TO (Total Over) 0.5 of the least productive period

In the detailed list for hockey matches, bookmakers expose two sides:

  • TO 0.5;
  • TU (Total Under) 0.5.

The player determines the probability of a goalless period in the match.

Betting on the total of the most non-productive period TO 0.5 means that the teams will score at least one puck in each period of the confrontation.

Live Betting

The market virtually disappears in the LIVE line due to a sharp drop in odds. Bookmakers accept bets on the total of the most non-productive period during the first 5-10 minutes of the match and remove the market after the first goal is scored.

Example of Calculation

The player places a bet on the KHL match "Man U – Chelsea" in the market of total for the least productive period over 0.5 with odds of 1.92:

The match result:

  • the first period – 1:4;
  • the second period – 0:1;
  • the third period – 1:1.

The least productive period – the second. The total of the period – 1, the total 0.5 – penetrated, the bookmaker calculates the transaction in favor of the player.

How to Use in Sports Betting

Players rarely bet on the larger shoulder of a goalless period's total. Betting shop customers often prefer a low total - a bet on the presence of a goalless period in the match.

You can select matches using the strategy of betting on a goalless period in hockey.


The strategy of betting on a zero-goal period involves studying the statistics of completed confrontations involving teams.

Players calculate events where teams within the last 5 head-to-head meetings had at least 3 goalless periods.

Reviews from experienced players talk about the low profitability level of the strategy and high risks of play.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Possibility to diversify betting in bookmakers High bookmakers' commission
Low market popularity
Ability to place bets only in certain bookmakers
Lack of functioning strategies


The total market unable period cannot be successfully used for betting at a bookmaker over a long distance.

This market can only be found in the detail for selected hockey confrontations, the commission on this market is often inflated to 10%, and experienced players prefer other positions.


How is over 0.5 total calculated in non-scoring period bets in hockey?

If there were no scoreless periods in a hockey match, the bookmaker will calculate the bet in favor of the player.

How is the total over 0.5 calculated in bets on a non-productive basketball period?

In the basketball lineup, bookmakers do not use a market for betting on the total of a non-productive quarter.

What odds do bookmakers offer for total over (0.5) when betting on a goalless period?

The average bookmaker's commission on the market is 8–10%. The bias in quotes on market shoulders depends on the productivity level of the teams participating in the match.

Can I place live bets on TB (0.5)?

It is possible to place bets on TB for a non-scoring period in the pre-match line and in the first 5–10 minutes after the start of the event in Live.

What does over 0.5 (O0.5) mean in betting on a non-productive period and when does the bet win?

The bet means that the minimum total of each of the meeting periods - more than 0.5. The bet wins in a match with productive periods.


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