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Total Over 6.0 goals what it means in bet - TO 6.0 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

When placing a total bet, the player needs to predict the match's scoring. Fans can place a bet on the total in any sportsbook.

What does TO 6 mean

For a TO 6 bet to pass, the number of effective actions during the game needs to reach 7 or more. Depending on the type of indicator, the fan is expecting at least 7 goals or pucks scored, 7 yellow cards, 7 three-point shots, or other actions.

The popularity of the market in the form of sport depends on the effectiveness of the discipline.

Total Over 6 in Football

In a football match, 7 scored goals is a rare occurrence. Bookmakers rarely list a TO 6 option for football, even for 'scoring' leagues.

The total value for bets usually does not exceed 4.5.

If the live game is particularly active, bookmakers add additional lines.

You can find this particular market on outright bets on the number of goals scored by a specific player during the championship or bets on statistics, such as the number of corners.

The most efficient match of the Europa League was the duel between 'Ajax' and 'Red Boys Differdange' in 1984. 'Ajax' played at home and inflicted a crushing defeat on the representatives of the Duchy of Luxembourg. The Dutch team didn’t concede a single goal and scored 14.

The official FIFA record for the number of goals was set in 2001 by the Australian team, who won with a score of 31:0 against the representatives of American Samoa.

The world record in football history was set in a match between 'Adema' and 'Stade Olympique l’Emyrne'. In the penultimate round of the Madagascar championship, the referee gave a penalty which, in the view of the 'Olympique' players, was unfair and cost the club the title. The outcome of the final round decided nothing for the team, and the football players demonstratively scored 149 own goals.

Despite the extraordinary situation and disqualifications of four athletes and a coach, there was no formal reason to declare the goals invalid. The score of 149:0 was officially recorded by the referee.

Total over 6 in hockey

In hockey, the market TO (Total Over) 6 is famous and often present in the list for betting on total productivity. Bookmakers display favourable odds - predicting the number of goals in a match is always tricky.

Statistics show that most of the goals per game are scored by NHL players. Even if, at the beginning of the match the teams do not rush to attack and study the possibilities of the opponent, in the second and third periods, the participants' activity usually increases.

Over 6 in Other Sports

In other sports, the Over 6 market is mainly used for betting on statistical indicators. In basketball, volleyball, baseball, and other popular disciplines, the scoring is high, and the average total score is around 200 points. Using Over 6 to bet on the final score of the game doesn't make sense. The market is used for betting on statistical indicators, such as the number of sets after which a winner will be determined or the number of successful passes.

Calculation Examples for a Total Over 6

A fan will win a bet on an over 6 total if the number of goals, points, or pucks exceeds 6 units at the end of a match or interval. The bet will be lost if the outcome of the event is between 0 and 5.

A feature of over 6 total and other whole number variants is the possibility of a refund if the total number of points scored matches the total set.

For example, the bookmaker sets the odds at 2.20 for more than 6 in a hockey match. The fan decides to bet 1500 rubles.

Settlement options:

  • the number of hits on goal ranged from 0 to 5 - the coupon did not fulfil;
  • exactly 6 pucks scored - the bookmaker calculates a refund with 1.00 odds amounting to 1500 NGN;
  • teams scored 7 or more goals - the bookmaker client will receive a payout of 1500 * 2.2 = 3300 NGN.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Profitable odds in line Difficulty in predicting
Possibility of bet return Mainly used in hockey bets


'Over 6' is not the most common market. The use of this betting market depends on the scoring nature of the particular sport. Bookmakers include 'Over 6' in the line-up for hockey or in sections for statistical indicator bets.


Under what conditions will the Over 6 bet win?

The condition for the coupon to pass on the outcome Over 6 - the teams will perform a total of no less than 7 game actions.

What is the main advantage of betting on Over 6?

The advantage of the Over 6 market is the possibility of getting the bet amount refunded.

In which type of sport can you most often encounter the total over (TO) 6 market line?

Bets on total over 6 are common in hockey.


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