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Total Over 0.5 goals what it means in bet - TO 0.5 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

The betting market 'Over 0.5 crossbar and post hits' is a betting position in the bookmaker's line-up for soccer confrontations.

This market can only be found in the line-up for the most popular matches, as most bookmakers ignore this betting market.

What is this

Betting on over 0.5 goal post/bar touches means that the ball touches the goal frame at least once in the match. If the touch does not happen, the bet loses.

Terminology in Sports Betting

In the sports betting bookmaker's list, you can encounter different types of outcomes:

  • "Shots on Target";
  • "Hits to the Goal Post";
  • "Aimed Shots in The Goal Area".

For total calculation purposes, bookmakers consider any touch of the goal by the ball as a shot, no matter what caused it: a rebound from a goalkeeper, finishing an attack, or hitting the post in a struggle for the ball.

Concept of Post and Crossbar in Football

  • The post is the side bar of a football goal.
  • The crossbar is the horizontal bar of the goal.

How to Bet on Over 0.5 Crossbars and Posts

Bettors rarely place bets on the "Total Crossbars and Posts". The reasons for this betting market's low popularity are:

  • reduced odds due to a high bookmaker's margin - about 2.50 on Over and up to 1.50 on Under;
  • difficulties in predicting - it's impossible to analyze a match for potential shots on target;
  • it's often not included in a bookmaker's listing.
Bookmakers categorize "Over Crossbars and Posts" as a small market, with an average markup on the betting market of about 12%.

Live Betting

Due to increased commission, betting on bars and beams in live-line is unprofitable, and sportsbook clients ignore the market.

Example of Calculation

Example of betting on over 0.5 in the Champions League match "Real Madrid - Atalanta".

According to the official match report, "Atalanta" hit the goal frame twice, the bet on O 0.5 wins.

Bookmakers do not use whole values of totals on touches of the goal frame in the line – a refund calculation is only possible in case of match cancellation or postponement.

How to Use in Sports Betting

Players use the total hits on crossbars in rare cases together with aggressive bankroll management strategies. In case of a lost bet, the player makes a second bet and calculates the bet amount using the 'Catch-up' methodology.

In the long run, deals on the total hits into the target are unprofitable due to the increased margin of bookmakers.


Due to the low popularity of the market and the high level of markup, there are no working strategies for betting on the total of crossbars.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Possibility to diversify the betting process High commission level
  No verified strategies
  Long calculation of the bet after the publication of official results


Players hardly ever use the total bar and crossbar shots, it is impossible to predict the shots on goal. Bookmakers offer unprofitable conditions for betting due to the high margin.


How is the total over 0.5 calculated in bets on crossbars and posts?

If the ball touches the goal frame during the match, the bookmaker will settle the bet in favor of the player, otherwise - the bet loses.

What odds do bookmakers offer on total over (0.5) in bets on bars and beams?

The average commission level on the market is 12%. For TO (0.5) bookmakers set odds from 2.20 to 2.50, for the markets of TU (0.5) from 1.30 to 1.40.

Can you make live bets on TO(0.5)?

The market can be encountered in the event's match list in LIVE mode extremely rarely.

What does TO (0.5) mean in betting on post and crossbar hits and when does the bet win?

The bet on TO (0.5) hits on target means that during a football match, the ball will touch the goal post or crossbar at least once.

The bet wins if a hit on the goal post with the ball occurs during the match.


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