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Total Over 1.0 goals what it means in bet - TO 1.0 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

In the football line in betting shops, bets on TO (1) are common.

A player who knows how to understand the total is more than 1 in football, can bet with insurance and reduces the number of unsuccessful bets over a distance.

What is this?

For a Total Over 1 bet in football to win, the betting platform user expects at least 2 goals. Bookmakers accept bets on the outcome of the whole match, first or second half.

A fan can place a bet on an individual total of over 1 in football and win with 2 goals scored by the selected team.

The number of goals by the second team and the match's outcome does not matter.

How to use this in sports betting?

Understanding what Over 1 total means in football will help the user of the betting company to increase the efficiency of bets. If 1 goal is scored, the bet will not lose, the bookmaker will return the bet money to the client's balance.

Those who like to combine bets use a total over 1 in a football parlay - they collect 2 or more events in the coupon. The bookmaker multiplies the odds of each outcome to calculate the final odds.

The more matches the fan includes in the coupon, the higher the final odds, and the risk of failure due to one outcome not matching.

When making a parlay bet on a total over 1 goal in football instead of betting on a Total Over (1.5), the client of the betting company gets insurance. If 1 goal is scored, the bookmaker will reduce the odds of the parlay, but the bet will not lose.

Examples of how the bet works: win, loss, refund

A novice will be able to understand what a total of over 1 goal in football means with clear examples.

When calculating a bet, 3 options are possible:

  1. In the Spanish Primera match "Getafe" - "Rayo Vallecano" the user places 500 naira with odds of 1.23 on Total Over (1). The match ended in a 2:2 draw. The teams scored 4 goals, the bet won: 1.23 * 500 = 615 naira will be taken by the betting platform customer.
  2. In the La Liga game between "Celta" and "Atletico" the player places 2000 naira on Total Over (1) with odds of 1.30. The guests win 1:0, the teams score 1 goal, the bookmaker calculates the bet with a refund - credits the bet amount to the player's account.
  3. In the Spanish championship match "Valladolid" - "Osasuna", the player chooses the Total Over (1) market with odds of 1.09. The match ended with the score 0:0. The bet lost.
The bookmaker calculates similarly when placing bets on the outcome of a half or the individual performance of teams.


Over 1 Total Goals Betting Strategy in Football

Gambling enthusiasts bet on over 1 total goals in football when two attacking teams square off against each other.

Market selection factors:

  • The participation of two high-scoring teams suggests many dangerous moments, shots on goal and actual goals;
  • The teams' good stats are indicated by an average of more than 2.5 scored goals per game in the last 5-10 matches;
  • The game is held in good weather - heavy rain or a poor quality pitch interfere with creating dangerous moments and scoring goals;
  • The teams are motivated to win and plan on using an attacking play style from the early minutes;
  • The lineups include strong forwards in good form - the football players are not injured or disqualified.

If a betting company's client is expecting a high-scoring match, but wants insurance, it is necessary to choose a bet on over 1 total goals in football. If the attacking model does not work out, 1 goal would be enough to get a refund.


Betting on TO (1) in football competitions gives the bookmaker's client additional tools to reduce the number of losses over a distance. Bets with insurance guarantee the return of the bet amount.


What is the total bet 1 over in football?

A bet on total 1 more in football wins with 2 and more goals scored in a match or separate half. If the teams score 1 goal, the bookmaker will calculate the bet with a return coefficient of 1.00 and send the placed money to the user's balance. The bet only loses with a 0:0 score.

In what case is a total 1 more bet relevant in football?

A bet on a total 1 more in football is relevant when a user of a betting office expects a high-scoring game but wants to hedge the bet. If 1 goal is scored, the player will not lose the money wagered - the bookmaker will refund the amount of the bet to the client's account.

Can you rely on the over 1 total betting strategy in football?

The over 1 total betting strategy in football reduces the number of unsuccessful bets over distance. A bet with insurance guarantees a return of the placed amount when 1 goal is scored.


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