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Total Over 1.0 goals what it means in bet - TO 1.0 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

In the bookmakers' lines, the bet total 1 over - making a bet on the team's effectiveness in a match or part of the meeting. For example, in a football half, a hockey period, a tennis match.

What is total 1 over?

A player who knows how to understand total over 1 can make bets with high passability on integer totals - make bets with insurance.

Bookmakers in the line denote the Over 1 bet in their range.

There are 3 possible outcomes when calculating this:

  • win;
  • loss;
  • refund.

How is this used in sports betting?

A client of a betting company can reduce the number of lost bets if they understand what total 1 over means in a bookmaker's range.

Over 1 is a bet on a team's or player's productivity in an individual discipline.

In football, a user makes a bet on total over 1 in a game when they expect a lot of dangerous moments and goals.

The opponents need to score at least 2 goals to win the bet.

If 1 goal is scored, the bookmaker will calculate the bet as a refund with a coefficient of 1.00.

The client will only lose money with a nil-nil draw.

Fans can bet on a total over 1 goal in a match, a separate half, or a hockey period.

Bookmakers accept bets on the individual total of goals being over 1. To win the bet, the chosen team needs to score 2 or more goals. The opponent's productivity and the meeting's outcome do not matter.

If you include a total over 1 in an express bet, users will profit when all events in the coupon pass.

The more matches a player collects in a combined bet, the larger the final coefficient, and the likelihood of failure due to 1 mistake will increase.

An integer total of a team over 1 is insurance for an express bet. If the team scores 1 goal, the express bet's total coefficient will decrease, but the bet will not lose.

Examples of how the bet works: win, loss, and refund

Examples of how bets are calculated help players to understand what total goals over 1 means.

In the hockey line, users place Over (1) bets based on the results of 1 of the periods:

  1. In the KHL match "Siberia" - "Metallurg", a user bet 300 naira with odds of 1.19 on Over (1) in the first period. Magnitogorsk leads in the opening 20 minutes with a score of 2:0 - win: 1.19 * 300 = 357 naira is got by the player.
  2. In the match of Continental Hockey League teams "Torpedo" - "Spartak", the client makes a bet on Over (1) in the second period. "Avtozavodtsy" win the match segment with a score of 1:0. With 1 goal scored, the bookmaker calculates the bet as a refund and transfers the bet amount to the player's balance.
  3. In the first period of the KHL match "Tractor" - "Admiral", the user chose Over (1). After 20 minutes of net time, the score is not opened. The bet is lost.

Strategy of betting on over 1 total

Understanding what an over 1 total bet means allows you to place bets on integer totals and minimize losses over the distance.

Factors for choosing over:

  • by statistics, the opponents have high scoring rates; for football - more than 2.5 goals per match; for hockey - more than 5.5 puck throws per game;
  • scoring forwards - in good shape, the players have a powerful and accurate shot;
  • both competitors are motivated to win; they will not stick in defence.

If the user expects an attacking and effective game but there are doubts in a large number of scored balls or thrown pucks, you can choose the Over (1) market.


Integer markets are a security from loss in cases of 1 scored goal or 1 thrown puck. The player minimizes the number of unsuccessful bets since the bookmaker returns the wagered money to its customers.


What does the total 1 over bet mean?

The total 1 over bet is a wager on the number of effective actions in a match or segment of the meeting.

In hockey, if 2 goals are scored, the bet is won, if 1 – and the bookmaker will calculate the bet with a quote of 1.00, if there are no successful throws – the client loses.

In what case is a total bet 1 over appropriate?

Betting on a total 1 more is appropriate in a game of motivated teams with a strong attack.

Can one rely on the strategy of total over 1 betting?

The strategy allows for reducing the number of lost bets when the client of a bookmaker expects a high-score game. Betting on TO (1) will return the bet amount when there is 1 scoring action in the match or segment of the meeting.


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