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Total Over 0.75 goals what it means in bet - TO 0.75 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

If bookmaker users do not understand how to perceive 'over 0.75', players cannot use Asian markets when placing a bet - these are bets with insurance. The peculiarities of Asian markets - besides winning and losing, the bookmaker may calculate half the stake with a profit, the second half - as a refund.

What is an over 0.75 total bet?

Over 0.75 total bets are common in lines for soccer and hockey games. In the betting script, the market is designated as O (0.75) - a bet on the number of successful actions by the opponents in a game or a segment of a meeting - the soccer half or hockey period.

An over 0.75 total bet can be placed on the number of goals scored or pucks thrown by 1 team chosen by the bookmaker's client. The bet's success depends on the team's performance indicator. The opponent's result and the meeting's overall outcome do not matter.

How to use this in sports betting?


To successfully place bets on the number of productive actions in a match with insurance, a betting company’s customer needs to understand what total over 0.75 means.

When choosing TO (0.75), the player expects at least 2 goals scored or pucks thrown, but allows for unpredictable developments and low productivity.

If the average productivity rate for football teams is more than 2.5 goals scored per game, and for hockey – more than 5.5 pucks thrown in a match, the user can choose the TO(0.75) market in the bookmaker’s line.

Betting on total over 0.75 minimizes the number of lost bets. The user will lose money only in a draw with a score of 0:0. In other outcomes, the bookmaker will calculate the bet amount with a win – fully or partially.

Examples of how the bet works: win, loss, and return

Understanding what a total over 0.75 means can be facilitated by examples of calculation of betting.

The bookmaker divides the bet amount in half between TO (0.5) and TO (1).

Three outcomes are possible in the calculation:

  1. The player places 800 naira with an odds of 1.29 on TO (0.75) in the first half of Angers – Auxerre match. The score at halftime is 1:1, the teams have scored 2 goals, and both halves of the bet won: 400 * 1.29 + 400 * 1.29 = 516 + 516 = 1032 naira will be received by the betting company’s client.
  2. The user placed a bet with an odds of 1.32 on 1500 naira on TO (0.75) in the second half of the Toulouse – Rennes meeting. After the break, the Rennes footballers scored the only goal in the match. Half of the bet won, the second part is calculated with a return: 750 * 1.32 + 750 * 1 = 990 + 750 = 1740 naira will be taken by the player.
  3. The client placed a bet for 3000 rubles with an odds of 1.20 on TO (0.75) in the first half of the Nantes – Lorient match. Teams did not score before the break. Both halves of the bet lost.

Betting Strategy 0.75 Total Over

Factors for choosing the total of teams over 0.75 in the betting line:

  • the opponents are attacking teams; high productivity is indicated by the statistics of the previous 5–10 games;
  • the teams have attackers with accurate and powerful shots, creating many dangerous moments; among the main forwards, there are no injured or disqualified footballers;
  • chances of a productive game are higher in good weather and on quality turf – a bad field and heavy rain hinder the creation of sharp moments and scoring;
  • both teams are focused on the result, a draw does not suit the opponents, and the opponents will not sit back in defence.

If all or most listed factors match, users bet on TO (1.5).

Placing a bet on OV (0.75) reduces the risk of loss of the bet amount, because if 1 goal is scored, the bookmaker will calculate half of the bet with a return the other half – with a win.

The player can ensure his choice when placing a bet on TO (1). The market odds are higher than TO (0.75). If 1 goal is scored, the bookmaker will calculate the TO (1) bet with an odds of 1.00; the TO (0.75) market will allow you to get a profit on half of the bet amount.


Understanding what over 0.75 means is important for customers of bookmakers when betting on Asian markets.

Over (0.75) allows you to hedge your bet in the event of low match productivity and reduce the amount of lost money over long distance.


What is more total bet 0.75?

A total 0.75 more bet is an Asian market on the number of goals in a match. The bookmaker divides the sum placed by the user into 2 parts between Over (0.5) and Over (1). When calculating, in addition to the winning and losing bet, the bookmaker can calculate half of the placed amount as a win, the second part - a return with a coefficient of 1.00.

In which case is a total bet of 0.75 over appropriate?

A bet on a total of 0.75 over is suitable when placing a bet on a high-scoring match, where the betting company's client expects at least 2 goals or pucks to be scored, but does not want to lose money with only 1 scoring action.

Can we rely on the over 0.75 total betting strategy?

The over 0.75 total betting strategy helps users of betting companies reduce the number of lost bets over distance.


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