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Total Over 0.5 in Football

A total of over 0.5 in football means betting on the absence of a goalless score at the end of the match. Betting office customers bet on the presence of goals in the main time of a football confrontation.

The bet will win if the teams score at least once. If the match ends in a goalless draw, the bookmaker will settle the bet in its favour.

Bookmaker Notation

The market definition TO 0.5 stands for 'total over 0.5'. The bookmakers most often use TO 0.5 and T (0.5) O in their football descriptions.

How to bet on Over 0.5 in football

Players can place bets on a total 0.5 in football confrontations before the start of the game or during the match.

Sportsbooks do not list markets for Over 0.5 when events involve high-scoring teams.

Example of Calculation

For clarity, it is worth considering the practical application of the market and the rules for calculating bets on over 0.5 in football.

The player chose over 0.5 in the Serie A match "Empoli - Napoli".

Possible calculation options:

  • win - the teams scored at least 1 goal during regular time;
  • refund - cancellation or postponement of the sporting event for an indefinite period;
  • loss - the match ended after the regular time with a nil-nil draw.

The bookmakers calculate the bets on over 0.5 right after the goal - the winnings go to the user's account before the official results of the confrontation are published.

How to Use in Sports Betting

Players rarely use the over/under 0.5 markets in football betting due to low odds. In the long run, betting on a total of 0.5 with odds of 1.01-1.20 is not profitable. Profit from low total bets can only be achieved by using a strategy.


The strategy involves placing bets on over 0.5 in football matches involving low-scoring teams - bookmakers increase the odds on the market for less active teams' games.

When selecting events, betting company clients use stats and identify matches with an average goal rate of less than 1.00 for the current season.

Considering events within the context of second and third leagues is optimal.

The player places a bet on over 0.5 and, if it wins, uses the payout for a second bet on the low total.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Ability to bet on low total in any bookmaker's office Low odds on the gaming market
High level of passability of bets Absence of the market in the list for many events
Possibility of early calculation  


Players hardly ever use the Over/Under 0.5 markets in football betting due to the minimal odds in the gaming market and lack of profitability when playing on low totals in the long run.


How is the total over 0.5 calculated in football?

Bookmakers calculate bets in favour of players if the teams score at least 1 goal during the main game time. Ending the match with a clean sheet will lead to a lost bet.

What odds do bookmakers offer for total over (0.5) in football?

The odds for TO 0.5 in the notation to football matches - 1.01-1.20.

In the live line, quotes for the basement total can increase in case of a prolonged absence of a goal.

Can you place bets on O/U 0.5 in live mode?

Bookmakers accept O/U 0.5 bets in real-time and before the start of the match.

What does Over 0.5 means in football and when does the bet win?

Over 0.5 is a bet on the score in football matches. The spectator wins the bet if the teams score within the regulation time of the match.


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