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Total Over 0.5 goals what it means in bet - TO 0.5 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

Over total is a popular market in bookmakers' lineups.

With the help of the total, players determine the effectiveness of a sports event - the number of goals scored, pucks, points scored in tennis, basketball and other sports.

Total 0.5 over is a position for betting on the effectiveness of confrontations.

What does Over 0.5 mean in sports betting

Over 0.5 in sports betting means that teams or athletes participating in an event will score at least 1 point or score at least 1 goal or puck during a match.

Most often, betting shop customers use this market for betting on football due to the low scoring nature of football matches. The market is used less frequently for betting on hockey and tennis.

In football

In football lines, bookmakers offer over 0.5 markets for almost all confrontations. For matches involving strong teams, bookmakers often lower the odds to a minimum, so you may find positions for Over 0.5 bets with odds of 1.01.

In the confrontation 'Leicester City - Arsenal', the Over 0.5 bet will play if the teams score at least 1 goal during the game. If the clubs do not score during regular time, the bookmaker will calculate the bet in its favor.

When calculating bets on totals, bookmakers only take into account the main time of the match, extra time and penalties are not included in the calculation.

In hockey

In the line-up for hockey matches, bookmakers less often use the Over 0.5 market, as hockey is a high scoring sport. The minimal value for the total in hockey betting is often over 2.5, bookmakers only offer 0.5 for events involving weak teams.

Over 0.5 in hockey will win if the teams score at least 1 puck. If the game ended with a clean sheet, the bookmaker will calculate the bet as a loss.

When calculating a bet, the bookmaker only takes into account the main match time - 3 periods of 20 minutes.

In tennis

In the line-up for tennis matches, bookmakers do not use total markets with a value of 0.5. The minimum value you can find is 1.5, with respect to the markets for betting on the number of sets in the game.

The only total market with a value of 0.5 that you can find in the line-up for tennis confrontations - is the market for tie-breaks.

In basketball

In the basketball line-up, bookmakers do not use markets with low total values, as no basketball match has ever ended with a clean sheet.

For most games, bookmakers offer total markets with a value of 100 and above.

How to bet on Over 0.5

Bookmaker clients bet on Over before the start of the confrontation and in real time. All bookmakers offer Over markets, the total is one of the most significant and popular betting markets.

How to place a bet on Over 0.5 in a bookmaker:

  1. Log in to your personal account.
  2. Open the line or select live mode.
  3. Select a championship, open the list of events.
  4. Find the Over 0.5 market, click on the quote - add the outcome to the coupon.
  5. Enter the bet amount.
  6. Confirm the deal.

Bookmakers label the market as O (0.5) or Over 0.5.

How to use it in sports betting

The best option for betting on over 0.5 is in football matches because it's easier to locate the market in football lines.

To achieve results over distance and make profits, bettors employ a strategy of betting on over 0.5 in football.


In accordance with the strategy, bookmaker's clients choose clubs with the minimal goals in the last five face-to-face encounters.

The confrontation fits the methodology if the total summed over the last 5 face-to-face encounters did not exceed 5 goals.

The bettor places a bet on over 0.5 with an average odd of 1.20 and uses the 'Ladder' money management method – re-investing the profits for subsequent bets on the total.

The strategy does not guarantee a profit, but can significantly minimize possible risks.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
High pass rate for low total bets Opportunity to use the market only for bets on football matches, rarely - on hockey confrontations
The ability to place bets at any bookmaker Low level of odds
The need to use aggressive bank management techniques for successful bets
Potential lack of market with low total value in a bookmaker


Players rarely use TO 0.5 due to the low odds on low performance indicators. Often, bets on the market are made by beginners, as inexperienced players are attracted by the increased passing level. Even considering a passability of 80%, due to low quotes, it is very difficult to profit in the long run.


How is the total over 0.5 calculated in an express bet?

If a team scores at least 1 goal, puck or scores at least 1 point during the match, the bookmaker counts the position on the coupon as a win.

If the event ends with a clean sheet, the bet will win the the bookmaker.

What are the odds offered by bookmakers for the total over (0.5)?

For the over 0.5 market, bookmakers offer minimal odds – not higher than 1.20.

The level of quotes bookmakers can increase live if the teams have not opened the score for a long time.

Can you make live bets on over (0.5)?

Bookmakers list markets for betting on over 0.5 in real time and pre-match.

What does Over 0.5 mean and when does the bet win?

The bet on Over 0.5 means that during the match, teams or athletes will score at least 1 goal or puck, or score at least 1 point.

The bet wins if the teams managed to score within the main time of the confrontation.


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