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Total Over 0.5 goals what it means in bet - TO 0.5 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

Hockey is a sport with a large number of goals. Over 0.5 in hockey is a bet that the teams will score at least 1 puck.

When calculating bets, bookmakers take into account the primary game time, but in hockey a 0:0 score in regular time is rare.

How to bet on Over 0.5 in hockey

Users can bet on Over 0.5 in hockey before the match starts and during the live session.

In prematch, bookmakers accept bets on the productivity of periods and individual match segments.

In rare cases, you can place a bet on Over 0.5 in non-scoring championships involving low-scoring opponents.

Calculation Example

Bookmakers do not give an outcome of Over 0.5 in the line for the World Championship final between "Canada - Germany"; you can only bet on the productivity of the period.

Options for settling the bet:

  • win – if any team scores a goal;
  • loss – if the teams finish the match with a score of 0:0 in regular time.

Bookmakers will calculate the forecast return if the organizers cancel or reschedule the meeting.

Bookmakers calculate winnings on the Total Over 0.5 bet right after a puck is scored.

How to Use in Sports Betting

Players rarely use over 0.5 in hockey betting due to low odds. Users include more than 0.5 per period in express bet combinations.

In the long run, betting on events with odds of 1.10-1.30 is disadvantageous from a mathematical point of view. The user must make 4-10 winning bets in a row to recover losses from 1 incorrect forecast. With such a quantity of bets, the margin takes a large part of the profit.


The hockey strategy involves betting on over 0.5 points in the third period. Professionals recommend taking evenly matched games. Statistically, teams rarely fail to score at least 1 goal in the third period.

Of the eight matches on May 27, 2023, only in 1 game in the final third did the teams fail to score a goal.

Factors to consider when applying the strategy:

  • equal score, or 1 of the teams is leading with a minimal advantage;
  • both teams need a win in the game;
  • the odds on 0.5 total is 1.50 and above.

The quotes for a total of more than 0.5 at the start of the third period are low. Experienced players are advised to place bets after the tenth minute. In the match's final minutes, one of the teams may release a sixth outfield player instead of the goalkeeper - the substitution increases the chance of scoring.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
High likelihood of winning Low odds
  Lack of market in most matches


Bookmakers do not give the market TU 0.5 in the hockey line. Players can bet on a total more than 0.5 in the period or time interval of the match. Experienced players use the market TU 0.5 for live bets.


How is the total over 0.5 calculated in hockey?

If any team scores a goal in the match, the bet for Total Over 0.5 wins.

What odds do bookmakers offer on the total over (0.5) in hockey?

Bookmakers practically do not give the TO 0.5 market in the line for hockey matches. Betting companies accept bets on TO 0.5 in the period. The rate of the outcome is 1.10-1.30.

Can you place bets on over (0.5) in live?

Bookmakers rarely allow bets on over 0.5 in a match in live. If the teams failed to score in the first two periods, the bookmaker will add a market to the live prediction for the third period.

What does Over 0.5 (O 0.5) mean in hockey and when does the bet win?

The bet Over 0.5 means that the bettor expects at least 1 puck in the match. The bet will win if one of the teams successfully attacks the opponent's gates.


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