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Total Over Bet in Hockey

The total over is a betting market for the effectiveness of an upcoming or current confrontation.

If the total is broken during the game, the betting company will calculate the coupon in favour of the player.

Bookmakers use TO positions for betting on statistical indicators.

What does 'total over' mean in hockey?

'Total over' in hockey is a primary market in the list for a hockey game. When placing a bet on 'total over', the player indicates how many pucks the teams will score in total during the central time of the match.

Bookmakers provide additional markets for TO: individual totals of hockey clubs and parity of totals.

Companies accept bets on 'total over' for individual periods - the number of pucks scored by clubs or a single team in 20 minutes of play.

In the list for famous hockey standoffs, sportsbooks sets additional markets with TO: on the total of deletions, shootouts, and the total time spent on the bench.

When calculating, bookmakers consider only the main game time. Overtimes and decisive shootouts are not counted.

Examples of Over/Under Hockey Betting with Calculations

To understand what total in hockey means and how bookmakers calculate bets on Over, we can look at an example.

The customer bets 500 naira on a National Hockey League performance "Pittsburgh Penguins – Chicago Blackhawks" on Over 6 with an odds of 1.72.

Possible match outcomes:

  • the final score of the match is less than 6 pucks – loss;
  • the hockey match ends with exactly 6 pucks – return with a quote of 1.00: 500 * 1 = 500 naira;
  • teams score more than 6 pucks during the meeting – calculation in favour of the client: 500 * 1.72 = 860 naira.
Bets with a fractional total do not provide for the possibility of a return.

Bookmakers do not provide the Asian market format for match totals.

Things to consider when betting on over total

Bookmakers can calculate the total prematurely upon reaching the result, which allows productive use of the market for real-time play.

The optimal time to fill out a coupon for TO is 10-15 minutes before the start of the match when sportsbooks exhibit the maximum quotes in the painting.

Advantages of betting on total more in hockey

Advantages Disadvantages
Reduced commission rate from sportsbooks, for popular championship matches - up to 6% Absence in listing for unpopular matches
Possibility of early settlement  
Availability of strategies to increase passability  
Possibility of betting in prematch and LIVE  


What does TO mean in hockey?

TO or total more - a game market for betting on the productivity of a hockey confrontation and a separate period.

How do bookmakers display the total market more in the list?

In the list, bookmakers display the total market "More", "Number of pucks", "TO" and "T Over".

How to bet on the total over in hockey and come out with a profit in the long run?

To successfully play at sportsbooks on the TO market, users analyze the upcoming meeting.


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