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Total Over 8.5 goals what it means in bet - TO 8,5 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

Total over 8.5 - a betting option on the productivity of the meeting, a bet with 2 calculation options.

What does TO 8.5 mean, and when does the bet win

The total bet over 8.5 means that for the bet to win, the fan expects at least 9 goals, 9 points, or other indicators that bookmakers accept bets on.

Variations of calculating the TO 8.5 bet:

  • teams scored 8 or fewer points - loss;
  • 9 or more points were scored in the match-win.
Bookmakers calculate the forecast for TO 8.5 with a return only in case of match cancellation.

Total over 8.5 in football

In football, teams rarely score 9 or more goals. In the 2022/23 English Premier League season, 380 matches were played and only in 1 game did the TO 8.5 bet win - Liverpool beat Bournemouth 9:0. In all other encounters, the total over 8.5 bet lost.

The TO 8.5 outcome is popular in statistical forecasts in football. Legal bookmakers accept bets on corners, fouls, offsides, and shots on goal.

When calculating bets, bookmakers only consider the results of regular time.

Bookmakers consider the injury time, which referees add to each half, part of the regular time.

Over 8.5 in Tennis

In tennis, you can bet on Over 8.5 for the number of games in a set. The market signifies that the athletes will play at least 9 games; for example, the final set score will be 6:4.

The odds on the outcome Over 8.5 are low unless the match is a clear favourite versus a clear outsider.

Bookmakers don't accept bets on Over 8.5 for other indicators in tennis.

Total over 8.5 in esports

In esports, bets on total over 8.5 are available in CS:GO.

Bookmakers take bets on the individual total of teams for rounds won.

You can only bet on TO 8.5 live, in the pre-match line, bookmakers offer the option of total over 10.5 even in meetings of a clear favorite against a clear outsider.

Betting Strategies on Total Over 8.5

Total Over 8.5 is an unpopular market among fans. The TO 8.5 option is used in corner betting strategies. The method implies betting on the individual total of the leader.

The fan is searching for a match in the bookmaker's listing where a clear favourite is playing against an outsider.

Conditions for the bet:

  • the leader has a strong attack;
  • the favourite's line-up includes speedy wingers who can put pressure on the opponent's flanks.

In such a scenario, the outsiders are pressed to their penalty area, creating many corners for the leader.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Betting on Over 8.5

Advantages Disadvantages
Simple calculation principle Unpopular option
  High margin


Total more than 8.5 - an option for betting on productivity. Players use the market to place bets on statistical indicators in football and the number of games played in tennis.


What does the TO 8.5 bet mean?

The TO 8.5 bet means the player anticipates a minimum of 9 goals scored in the match.

In which case will a bet on a total over 8.5 win?

A bet on over 8.5 will win if at least 9 points are scored in the match.

In which sports should Total Over 8.5 be used?

The 8.5 Over Total market is used for betting on statistical indicators in football and for betting on set scores in tennis.

What is the main disadvantage of betting on over 8.5?

Bookmakers set a high margin for the outcome of over 8.5.

Can a bookmaker calculate the TO 8.5 bet with a refund?

The bookmaker will calculate the TO 8.5 bet with a refund only in case of a match cancellation.


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