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Total Over 5.25 goals what it means in bet - TO 5.25 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

Over Total - a market for sports bets on the game's effectiveness: goals, pucks, points, shots, and statistical indicators. The over-total bet implies the number of games played will exceed the market value.

In line, you can find totals with integer and fractional values.

What does total over 5.25 mean?

The Asian variant of the total looks like a quartile. When placing a bet, the bookmaker divides the coupon amount in half between the two adjacent market values.

For example, when concluding a bet on TO 5.25 for 1,000 naira, the player makes 2 bets of 500 naira each on TO 5 and TO 5.5, each of which the bookmaker calculates separately.

The bet on TO 5.25 will pass if the number of productive actions is 6 or more - both halves of the bet will win.

  • If the number of game actions is from 0 to 4, the coupon will lose.
  • A return is possible for part of the sum bet on a total number.
  • If the performance indicator at the end of the match is equal to 5, the bet on TO 5.5 will not pass and the fan will lose half of the money. At the same time, the bookmaker will calculate the bet on TO 5 with the odds of 1.00 and return half of the funds to the client's main account.
  • It does not matter for the bet to pass which participant of the competition will win. The winnings of the bet depend only on productivity.

The forecast for calculating the total is based on studying statistics; bookmakers put up the most objective quotes.

What does total over (TO) 5.25 mean in football?

Common indicators for over (TO) 5.25 in football include goals, shots on goal, fouls, penalties, yellow cards, red cards, and other statistical metrics.

Bets on the total number of goals exceeding 5 are commonly accepted by bookmakers after the start of a match, primarily when the competing teams have already scored 1-2 goals early in the game.

Players opt for a total value of 5.25 instead of 5.5, to ensure that they receive back a part of their stake in case their prediction is incorrect.

Asian Total 5.25 in Hockey

The Asian Total of over 5.25 in hockey can be encountered more frequently - ice hockey games are more dynamic and have more shots on goal than football. The most common indicator for the Asian total in hockey is the number of goals scored in a game. This market is available for betting even before the start of the match, and the odds are generally lower than in football.

Example calculation of Total over 5.25

The victory or defeat of betting on a total over 5.25 depends on the final score of the match or the performance indicator value.

For example, a player expects a large number of goals in a match between the clubs «Rostoker» and «Heidenheim» in the 1/32 of the Germany Cup, placing 5000 naira at the odds of 2.80.

Possible options:

  • 6 or more goals were scored – coupon passed: 5000 * 2.8 = 14000 naira;
  • the number of goals was from 0 to 4 - the bet lost, the client loses 5000 naira;
  • 5 goals were scored - the bookmaker takes 2500 naira for a bet on TO 5.5 and makes a refund of 2500 naira for a bet on TO 5.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Large selection of betting indicators Difficulty in finding value odds
Opportunity for partial return Difficulty understanding calculations for beginners
No influence of the victory or defeat of competition participants on the progress of the bet Low odds compared to European totals


What does a bet on TO 5.25 mean?

TO 5.25 means that the fan is betting on the total being over 5 and on the total being over 5.5, the bookmaker divides the stake in half between the 2 parts of the bet.

Is a refund possible when betting on a total over 5.25?

The bookmaker returns half the stake if the number of game actions equals 5.

Does the passage of a bet on TO 5.25 depend on which team will win?

The passage of the coupon depends on the final score of the meeting or the number of statistical indicators, not on the victory of the participants.


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