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Total Over 3.0 goals what it means in bet - TO 3.0 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

Individual total over 3 or ITO 3 is a market in the bookmaker's list for betting on the productivity of a certain team or athlete in an individual discipline.

When betting on ITO 3, the player assumes that the selected team will score more than 3 pucks or goals during the main time of the match, depending on the sport.

Bookmakers primarily use the ITO 3 market in football and hockey lists.

What does ITO 3 mean?

When placing a bet on ITO, the player chooses one of the teams:

  • ITO1 – the home team;
  • ITO2 – the guest club.

The indicator "More than 3" – is the performance value for the chosen team during the central time of the match. If the club scores 4 or more goals or points – the bet will pass.

If the team's total is precisely 3 goals or points – the bookmaker will refund the bet amount to the client, in other cases calculate the coupon in its favor.

The bet provides for the possibility of early calculation when the chosen team hits the total value.

Individuals total more than 3 in football

In the football description, bookmakers offer the ITO 3 market only regarding effective teams. The betting odds – always higher than 10.00.

Not all bookmaker companies offer positions for bets on ITO with a whole value in the list, in most cases, the assortment of positions is limited to fractional indicators of ITO.

ITO 3 in hockey

In the hockey list, you can meet the ITO 3 market more often because of the high performance of the sports discipline. The quotations on the market in case of placing a bet on the favourite of the meeting – up to 2.00.

The level of coefficients for ITO 3 in favour of lagging teams reaches higher values – up to 5.00.

ITO 3 Calculation Examples

To understand the principles of ITO 3 calculation, consider an example of a bet.

A player places a bet on ITO 2 (3) in the Russian Premier League match 'FC Orenburg – Ural' for 100 naira with the odds of of 14.50.

The bet implies that the away team will score more than 3 goals.

Possible match outcomes:

  • 'Ural' scores 4 goals or more - the bet wins 100 * 14.5 = 1450 naira.;
  • 'Ural' scores exactly 3 goals - the bookmaker returns the staked 100 naira to the fan;
  • 'Ural' scores 2 goals or less - the sportsbook calculates the bet in its favour.
When calculating a bet, bookmakers only consider the central time of the match. Overtime and final penalties are not accounted for.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
High odds on football matches Lack of market in many bookmaker's offices
Opportunity for calculation of returns Low rate of pass-through on football bets
Option for early settlement  


What does 'ITO 3' mean in sports betting?

ITO 3 is a betting market for wagering on a team's individual performance.

What types of sports can I bet on Total Over 3?

Bookmakers accept bets on TO 3 in football and hockey.

What is the difference between 'ITO1 3' and 'ITO2 3'?

ITO1 refers to bets on the home team's performance, while ITO2 refers to bets on the away team's performance.

What are the main advantages of the 'ITO 3' market?

The main advantages are the ability to calculate the bet with a return and early calculation on the coupon when the total is exceeded.


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