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Total Over 2.0 goals what it means in bet - TO 2.0 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

Individual total 2 more - a market for betting on the performance indicator of a team or athlete within the central time of a match. To display the market in the line, bookmakers and forecasters use the abbreviation ITO 2.

A bet on an ind total 2 more means that the selected team will score 3 or more goals or pucks in the confrontation.

The individual total 2 more markets is often used for betting on football and hockey matches.

What Does ITO 2 Mean

Beginners often can't understand what an individual total over 2 means and can't distinguish between IT and the total of a match.

The general total is the cumulative number of goals scored in a match, and the individual total represents the performance of one team.

For instance, in the matchup 'Spartak vs Zenit', Spartak scored 2 goals and FC 'Zenit' scored 1 goal. The total of the match is 3 goals, Spartak's individual total is 2, and the St. Petersburg team's is 1.

If you bet on ITO 2, you will win if the chosen team scores 3 or more goals or pucks during the match. If the players score exactly 2 goals, the bookmaker will refund the bet amount with a quote of 1.00. If the team doesn't score at all or only scores 1 goal, the bet will be lost.

When computing bets on ITO, companies that accept sports bets only consider the main gameplay period without penalty shots or overtime. The outcome of the match and the number of goals that the opponent scores do not matter.

Individual total over 2 in football

In football, you can bet on an individual total of over 2, either in a separate half or a football match.

The IT2 market provides an increased level of passability for bets, but in confrontations involving strong teams, bookmakers set minimal odds on the market.

Betting on ITO 2 in a separate half is more profitable. Players often use the strategy of betting on the total time in a football match and place bets on ITO 2 in the second half in favour of a more robust and more efficient team, if the club did not score in the first half.

ITO 2 in Hockey

Betting on ITO 2 in hockey can be based on the end-of-game or period results. For high-scoring teams, the odds on ITO 2 are minimal - often below 1.30; experienced betting shop clients prefer to bet on period indicators.

Notice that not all bookmakers use total indicators in ivehockey betting.

Difference between ITO1 and ITO2 in sports forecasts

In sports confrontation forecasts, the number after the abbreviation ITO means selecting a team to bet on: ITO1 is a bet on the individual total of the first team (hosts), ITO2 is a bet on the IT of the second team (guests).

For example, the ITO2 2 forecast in the football match 'Kyiv - Chisinau' means that 'Chisinau' will score no less than three goals by the end of the match.

Examples of ITO 2 calculation

In the UEFA Champions League match 'Astana - Dynamo (Tbilisi)', the player makes a bet on ITO1 (2) for an amount of 200 NGN with a coefficient of 3.26.

If the Kazakhstani club scores 3 goals, the bookmaker will credit the client's winnings: 200 * 3.26 = 652 NGN.

If 'Astana' scores 2 goals - the company will return the bet amount of 200 NGN in full.

If the club scores 1 goal or finishes the match with a dry score - the bookmaker will calculate the bet as a loss.

Betting companies can calculate bets on ITO early in case of reaching the specified result indicator before the end of the half, match or period.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Reduced commission fee - up to 6% Decreased odds for hockey match betting
The opportunity to place bets on IT for specific time periods
Easy rules for calculating bets
The ability to place bets in any bookmaker's office
The possibility of early settlement of bets


What is ITO 2 in sports betting?

ITO 2 is a bet that the selected team will score more than 2 goals or pucks during the match.

What is the difference between ITO1 (2) and ITO2 (2)?

ITO1 is a bet on the home team, ITO2 is a bet on the away team.

Does the bookmaker take into account penalty shootouts when calculating bets on ITO?

The betting company only takes into account the main time of the confrontation when calculating bets.

What are the strengths of ITO betting?

The main advantages of the market are the possibility of early settlement of bets and a minimal level of commission.


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