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Total Over 1.5 goals what it means in bet - TO 1.5 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

In the additional list of sportsbooks users bet on the number of practical actions and statistical indicators in the match or part of the meeting. The ITO (1.5) market is expected in football, hockey, and other disciplines. Before placing a bet, the sportsbooks client needs to understand what an individual total of 1 more than 1.5 means and how bookmakers calculate the bet.

What does individual total over 1.5 mean?

In the betting line, bookmakers register individual totals over 1.5 as O(1.5) (over 1.5), where:

  • O – signifies 'over'; to win the bet, the fan expects more productive actions or statistical indicators in the match than indicated in the market;
  • 1.5 – is the total value.

When accepting a bet on an individual total over 1.5, the bookmaker indicates in the list the team or player chosen by the user; for example, the bookmaker offers to bet on 'Dynamo' O1.5 in the match against 'Krasnodar'.

Sometimes, bookmakers indicate the numbers 1 or 2 in the market. For example, O1.5 (1) – bet on the home team, O1.5 (2) – bet on the guests. If the match is held on a neutral territory, 1 - the first team in line, 2 - the second team.

Customers make a bet on an individual total of over 1.5 for the result of the match or part of the meeting, for example, on a football half, tennis set, or hockey period.

Individual Total Over 1.5 in Football


Often, bookmakers include this market in their football offerings. A total of over 1.5 in football is a bet on the number of home or away goals at the end of the game, in either the first or second half.

The bet will profit the user with a minimum of 2 goals scored by the selected club or national team.

In addition to betting on productivity, bookmakers accept bets on statistical indicators:

  • corners;
  • yellow cards;
  • shots on and off target;
  • offsides.

Individual total over 1.5 in hockey


The individual total of 1 over 1.5 in hockey is popular among the fans.

The discipline is more fruitful compared to football; the odds for an individual TO (1.5) at the end of the match are low - not higher than 1.50. Often, bookmakers offer to bet on individual TO (1.5) in a period.

When betting on an individual total over 1.5 in hockey, experienced players take into account that the BC considers only pucks scored in regular time. If the bookmaker's client bets on individual TO (1.5) of the hosts, the team needs to score at least 2 pucks in regular time. If the team strikes the opponent's gate for the second time in overtime, the bookmaker will not count the puck; the bet will lose.

Examples of ITO 1.5 calculations

An example will help understand what the individual total over 1.5 means.

A user of the betting office made a deal on ITO1 (1.5) in the first round match of the Spanish football championship "Almeria" - "Rayo Vallecano" with a coefficient of 2.27 for the amount of 3000 NGN. The fan expects "Almeria" to score at least two goals.

Calculation options:

  • "Almeria" scores two or more goals, the user wins: 3000 * 2.27 = 6810 NGN;
  • the hosts scored "Rayo Vallecano" only 1 goal or could not break through the guests' defence - the fan lost money.
When calculating bets, the match's outcome and the number of goals scored by opponents do not matter. “Almeria” can lose, for example, 2:6, but the user will still profit since the hosts scored 2 goals.

The opposite option is a bet on ITO (1.5).

For a bet to be successful, the user of the betting company needs to choose a team with a maximum of 1 resulting action.

For example, a sportsbook client placed a bet of 560 NGN with odds t of 1.51 on ITO (1.5) on "Vityaz" against "Spartak" in the first period of the Kontinental Hockey League match.

Options for calculating the coupon:

  • "Vityaz" was unable to score any pucks or strike the Muscovites' gate once in the starting 20 minutes - the bet winning: 560 * 1.51 = 845.60 NGN;
  • "Vityaz" scored two or more pucks for the first period - bet lost.

Before making a bet on an individual total over 1.5, the user conducts a pre-match analysis.

Key factors:

  • motivation from the opponents, the team's attitude towards winning and result-oriented game;
  • the form of the team and key attackers;
  • personal meetings history.
Experienced users recommend studying team statistics for the past 2-3 years before placing bets on productivity.

Bets on ITO (1.5) are popular in the tennis line. Sportsbook clients bet on the number of games won by a tennis player at the party.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Most bookmakers offer No refund bet option
High odds on the outcome of a football match or hockey period
No need for a particular winner or number of goals or pucks scored by the opponent to win


What is a bet on individual total over 1.5 in bookmakers?

ITB (1.5) in betting companies is a bet on the number of statistical indicators or productive actions of 1 team or athlete in individual discipline.

When does a bet on an individual total over 1.5 win in a football match?

A bettor will win a bet on Over IT (1.5) if the selected team scores at least 2 goals.

Which sports do bookmakers include over 1.5 individual total bets in their lines?

In most cases, you can find Over 1.5 (O/U) bets in football, hockey and tennis lines.

Can I place a bet on an individual total of more than 1.5 on statistical indicators?

Bookmakers accept bets on ITB (1.5) on the number of corners, offsides, and yellow cards in a football match.


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