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Individual Total Over 0.5 in Football

For winning a bet on an individual total over 0.5 in football, a fan expects at least 1 goal from the chosen team.

What is an over 0.5 individual total in football

An over 0.5 individual total in football is a bet on a goal by the chosen team. In a betting company, there are 2 possible results for an over 0.5 individual total bet:

  • winning - a goal by the chosen side;
  • losing - no goal by the chosen team.

Bookies offer bets on an individual total over 0.5 for the match's outcome, half, time period, or based on statistical indicators - yellow cards in half, corners in a time interval, on the outcome and total.

How to bet on ITO 0.5 in football

ITB 0.5 is a primary type of bet in a sportsbook, to win enough one ball of the host team or guests, depending on who the player bets on.

Bookmakers give lower odds on ITB of the firm side, on ITO of the weak club - higher quotes.

In order to conclude a winning bet on the team's goal, the fan needs to carry out a detailed analysis and take into account the following factors:

  • the tournament position of the participants;
  • the productivity of the chosen team in the current tournament and the number of goals conceded by the opponent;
  • the club's performance in the last 5-7 matches and head-to-head confrontations - the team scored at least 2 goals per game;
  • the state of the attacking line of the chosen side and the defensive line of the opponent;
  • motivation of both sides, insider information, expert forecasts.
On the VP-Bet, you can find paid and free expert predictions for football match results - outcomes, totals, handicaps, goals, and other indicators.

Designation at the bookmaker and where to find

You can make a bet on an individual total of more than 0.5 in a football match in any betting shop - find the market in the main list.

The options for designating a bet in each sportsbook are different, for example, "Individual total 1st or 2nd 0.5 O" in "1xBet" or "Ind. total team 1 or 2 0.5 Over" in "OlimpBet".

How to Use This in Sports Betting

Bookmakers offer different quotes on the IT 0.5 Over market:

  • clear favorite – up to 1.20;
  • strong team – from 1.20 to 1.50;
  • weak opponent – from 1.50 to 1.80;
  • clear outsider – from 1.80.


You can bet on an individual of 0.5 more in any selected matches or according to a particular strategy.

It is possible to create a suitable strategy independently.


A classic option where bookmaker's clients collect an express from several events with odds of 1.20–1.40 each.

The combined coefficient of express compensates for the low quotes on the individual total of 0.5 more for favourites.

The number of events can be chosen independently; the most balanced decision regarding profit and risk is 3–4 outcomes.

In the First Half

According to the strategy, players place bets on the goal of the clear favourite in the first half. The appropriate coefficient for the deal is from 1.40 to 1.60.

At the End of the Match

It is suitable for games where the strong team needs to score a goal to earn points and move up the tournament table or perform other tasks within the tournament. Bookmakers raise the quotes on the favorite's ball towards the end of the game; the user can make a live bet after 70 minutes with odds from 2.00–2.20.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
High pass rate with competent analysis Low odds on the goal of favorites
High quotes when choosing ITO of weak and average strength teams  
Availability in all bookmaking offices  


The individual total 0.5 over is a popular type of football betting that can be profitable in the long run.

Placing a bet on the individual total 0.5 over doesn't require extensive betting knowledge and detailed analysis - this deal is suitable for both beginners and professionals.


How is the individual total over 0.5 calculated in football?

The bet will win if the selected side scores at least 1 goal. In the absence of team goals, the bet will lose.

What are the odds offered by bookmakers on individual total over (0.5) in football?

The odds of the outcome of O/U 0.5 in football depend on the level of opponents. The average odds for a clear favourite - up to 1.20, favorite - from 1.20 to 1.50, outsider - from 1.50 to 1.80, the clear underdog - from 1.80.

Can you place live bets on Over/Under (0.5)?

Enthusiasts place bets on individual totals of 0.5 more in live and pre-match.

What does ITO (0.5) mean in football and when does the bet win?

The ITO (0.5) bet is a wager on a goal by a specific team. The bet wins if the chosen side scores at least 1 goal.


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