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Total Over 1.5 goals what it means in bet - TO 1.5 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

Individual total two more than 1.5 or ITO2 1.5 - a market in the listing of sportsbooks for betting on the performance of a specific athlete or team playing away. Gamblers use the market to place bets on football, hockey, tennis matches and events in other sports.

For bets on individual totals, bookmakers offer a separate block in their listing.

What does ITO2 (1.5) mean

A bet on Individual Total 2 over 1.5 implies that the away team will score 2 goals or more or pucks.

If the team's total is beaten during the match, the bookmaker will calculate the bet in favor of the customer, otherwise - the bet will lose.

Bets on ITO2 1.5 do not provide for a refund calculation.

In addition to scoring bets, the ‘Individual Total 2 over 1.5’ position can be found in the context of other markets:

  • individual halves or periods;
  • yellow cards;
  • dismissals;
  • penalties.

Bookmakers offer 'Total 2 over 1.5' in the listing for betting on tennis stats indicators: aces, tie-breaks.

Individual total 2 more than 1.5 in football

In football, the "Total Team 2 more than 1.5" market is used for betting on the productivity of the away team at the end of a game or half of a football match. In a match on neutral territory, the market denotes the productivity of the second club or team in the bookmaker's listing.

In the Russian Premier League match "Ural - CSKA" the user places a bet on ITO2 1.5 with the odds of 2.10 for 1000  NGN.

If CSKA score 2 goals or more for the match - the bet wins, if less than 2 goals - the bookmaker calculates the bet in their favor.

In the listing an additional market is presented - "Individual total of the first half", where you can place on ITO2 1.5.

The odds on ITB - are quite high, for bets on ITO of a separate half - above 3.0.

When calculating a bet on an ITO half, the bookmaker takes into account only the number of goals that the team will score for the first 45 minutes of the match.

When calculating bets on ITO, bookmakers do not take into account overtime, but can include in the calculation additional minutes. Players can learn detailed nuances of calculating bets on total in the rules of the chosen bookmaker's office.

Individual Total 2 Over 1.5 in Hockey

In hockey, the odds for ITO2 1.5 bets are lower than in football. The lowered odds can be explained by the high-scoring nature of the sport.

Individual Total 2 Over 1.5 in hockey is used for betting on the visitors' scoring in separate periods of the match.

Individual Total 2 over 1.5 in other sports

Bookmakers accept bets on ITBO2 1.5 in popular e-Sports and tennis confrontations.

In the list of volleyball, basketball, and handball matches, the ITO 1.5 market is not presented due to the low value of effectiveness.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Possibility to place bets on team indicators Increased level of commission
Outcome of a meeting does not influence the calculation Different calculation rules in bookmaking offices
Reduced odds for betting on hockey matches


What is ITO2 1.5 in the list of bookmaker's office?

Individual total of the second team 1.5 more - is a market for betting on the productivity of the away team.

What types of sports can you bet on an individual total 2 over 1.5?

Often, players use the market to place bets on football and hockey, less often - on tennis and esports confrontations.

In what cases does the bookmaker calculate the bet on ITO2 1.5 with a refund?

The bookmaker will refund the client's money for a bet on ITO2 1.5 in the event of a match cancellation, in other cases the possibility of a pari-mutuel refund is not provided.

What's better to bet on: total score or individual total?

The bookmakers' fee for the total score bet is lower – 4–5%, for the individual total it's 5–7%. Thus, in the long run, betting on the total score is more profitable.


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